Devon Matthews

Devon Matthews


Devon is one of the most exceptionally talented and genuine artist that you will ever meet. He brings such high standards to his music. He opens up the inner joy in ones soul. Keep your eye on this one because as he says best "this one is a creeper, expect the unexpected."


With a voice that's powerful, passionate, endlessly expressive, and full of contagious energy, Devon Matthews is just that type of artist-one who will undoubtedly surprise and captivate those who listen to him.
He has opened his own studio alongside partner Kerwin Du Bois called “HP (High Performance) Studios”. He will now have the opportunity to not only record great music, but produce it in the comfort of his own studio, “HP” Style. Along with the ability to record his own music, he will also be able to help other youths get off the streets and focus on something positive, great music.
His first track to be released from his very own HP Studios is titled “Going with the Flow”. This song is done with a beautiful acoustic riddim. The song is about relationships and the lyrics flow beautifully with the music.
“I like the kind of music where you’re driving down the road just staring into oblivion because you’re totally swept up by the song. That’s the kind of music I want to write – something that puts you in a trance. Feel-good party songs often make people dance and have a good time, but music means much more when there’s another dimension to go along with it.”
Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Devon Matthews is an only child to two loving parents whom, from a youth supported his love and desire for music. Devon began his journey in soca at the age of 12 where he had his first performance. Devon then started his own band called Klymax where he was the lead singer. Devon, an incredibly intelligent and deliberate man has stayed focused and dedicated to achieving great success and doing what he enjoys most, music.
Devon has numerous releases as well as videos to his credit. Songs such as “Cause it” and “Hold Me Now” and Dutty featuring Kerwin Du Bois. He released two very successful songs for 2008 carnival, one titled “Jouvert” and the next titled “Wine Down”, which got him to the semi finals of the Groovy Soca Monarch Competition, Carnival 2008. The video for “Wine Down” has been in heavy rotation on Synergy and Tempo, amongst other stations. These songs exhibit his progression and growth as an artist, and express his desire to put soca music on the tilt. Devon has worked with producers like Kerwin Du Bois, Angelo Pantin, Painter amongst other top producers in the soca fraternity. He possesses a widespread appeal that is evident by his musical success thus far, yet this is only the beginning.
Devon seized the opportunity to display his other talents by becoming one of the hottest radio personalities on red967 fm as well as hosting events and television shows. His radio show airs on Red967fm in Trinidad 6 days a week between the hours of 6-9pm and can also be heard online at
"Our audience comes from everywhere," he says. "Young, old, rich, poor. They know that soca music gave a voice to many who never had one. And now that we got their attention, I want to communicate the music so that it creates the greatest impact. So that it sticks. Anything that I've ever approached, I've had one goal in mind and that is to make great music that the world will enjoy and be a great success for years to come.”


The Flow
Wine Down
Cause It
Hold Me Now

*all singles have had radio airplay*