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Devon Tracy

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Devon Tracy is a young and talented performer chasing a dream. This 18-year-old dancer/rapper from Toronto is at home in the spotlight. As a dancer, his ability to pop, flex and wave puts professional dancers who have trained for years to shame. As a rapper, his skillful wordplay, sharp flow and refreshing style are on par with rappers twice his age. With five mixtape releases under his belt reaching 400,000 + downloads and 4 million + views on his Youtube channel Devon Tracy is getting closer to reaching his dreams.

A natural performer, Devon has been focused on stardom since childhood. When he was younger, he would stay up late to write song lyrics and mimic dance moves from music videos. He has always enjoyed entertaining others, and would find every opportunity to do so. The passing of his father when Devon was only six forced him to deal with issues far beyond his years, but every day the memory of his father motivates Devon’s constant determination to follow his passion to perform.

Devon pursued his dream to entertain by posting videos of himself dancing and rapping on Youtube. He began to gain support, and his buzz has grown to an average of 1000 Youtube views per day for both his dance and music videos, with over 15,000+ Youtube subscribers to date. Devon’s viral hit “Anti-Freeze” has been featured in over 900 Journeys retail stores across America in 2012. As one of his lines says “I’m getting famous off the web, call me Spiderman.”

Devon has won the One to Watch award at the 2012 Canadian Urban Music Conference and has also received recognition as a talented dancer with a scholarship to travel to Los Angeles to train with the choreographers from the TV shows America’s Best Dance Crew and So You Think You Can Dance.

Devon Tracy is a true entertainer and has performed as an opening act for legendary Rap Artist Ice Cube in Los Angeles as well as today’s young rising stars Tyga and MGK in Toronto. He is constantly experimenting, and pushing himself to continue developing his skills as a talented artist and dancer. This combined with his tireless work ethic and supportive family, friends and fans create the perfect recipe for limitless possibilities for his future career. Dream Chase is more than just the title of one of his projects - It is a lifestyle that he lives every day. Prepared to overcome any obstacles that stand in his way, Devon Tracy is on a dream chase where success is the only possible outcome.


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