The Devoted Few

The Devoted Few


"Think angular sonics with pop structures. Kinda bittersweet and brooding but also intimate and playful. Like a welcome arrow through the heart. Sure they listen to Bloc Party, Arcade Fire and Talking Heads but they don't want to be them. They're far too visceral for that."


"...there's a new sound humming, you can hear it in the air... and if you listen harder, this is it..."

Sometimes people just have it. A calling, a talent, whatever you want to call it. Sometimes one lucky person gets gifted with the goods. Ben Fletcher is one of those people. Music is the only thing he knows how to do. When he first jumped on a bass guitar for Bluebottle Kiss at the age of 15, it occurred to him that he may well have found the elusive 'it'. He now fronts one of the most exciting bands in town - The Devoted Few.

The Devoted Few play the music to the soundtrack of your life. From the raucous electro energy of their recent material, the country-tinged pop of their second album: 'Billboard Noises', to the sleepy acoustic sounds of their debut: 'Sleepless', this band have covered considerable musical and emotional ground in their three short years together.

The release of 'Billboard Noises' saw the first single, 'Desolation Angels', adopted as a favourite at triple j (on high rotation) and was followed by three more high rotation radio singles 'Counting Cars', 'Anymore|Anyhow' and 'It's Over'. But that's not what you should be excited about - it's where they are now and where they're heading that really matters.

The band is evolving, moving, changing shape. In 2004 they completed their line up and discovered a handy little electronic sampler called 'The Kaoss Pad'!! Like an old Greek guy taking a bath this was an Eureka moment. It prompted a move from intoxicating acoustic pop ballads to their recent high energy live electro/guitar sound. Who knew a little Kaoss could go so far?

The band embraced this new sound and technology in 2005, by remixing and revamping the title track to their first record. 'Sleep Less' was recorded and mixed in one day and became an unexpected summer dance floor hit.

More radio love followed and the single inspired an impressive remix EP 'Schematic Tracks', with songs from the band's 'Billboard Noises' album being given treatment by artists such as Paul Dempsey (Something For Kate), Sarah Blasko and GB3 (Underground Lovers).

As a live entity The Devoted Few are an exhilirating proposition. With Skye Knight on keys, samples, back-up vocals and a mean tambourine hit, Richard Coneliano on drums, Adam 'Wesley' Gregorace on bass, and Barry Adamson and Dave Hunt providing the duel guitars and assorted blips, the energy and connection the band creates is palpable with their new songs going so far beyond anything they have done before. It's enough to make you a little dizzy. Ben Fletcher is a prolific songwriter, who continues to develop in surprising and exciting ways and a new album is now in the offing. There is no telling where this rabbit hole may lead.


Sleep Less

Written By: The Devoted Few

is it dark in your room at 3am
you can't sleep again tonight
so you write me a letter with a pen that has no ink
this is the fifth night in a row

in a row

so you've grown immune to sleeping pills
and all your sleepless sighs
and you think so much your brain gives in
soft blue t.v helps you to numb it
and time rolls over you just like a ghost
and all you think makes no sense at all
and the moon plays tricks on you to get you to come out side tonight
just for tonight

for tonight


2003 - Sleepless (recorded/mixed by Wayne Connelly)
2004 - Billboard Noises (recorded/mixed by Jonathan Burnside)

2003 - Invisible Birds
2004 - Desolation Angels (High rotation on Triple J radio)

2005 - Schematic Tracks (Recorded/Mixed by Tim Whitten / High rotation on Triple J radio / Streaming on our website:



2003 - Sodastream, Speedstar, 78 Saab, Augie March, Decoder Ring

2004 - Darren Hanlon, Dan Brodie, Evermore, M Ward(USA)

2005 - The Thrills (Ireland), Sarah Blasko, Cockatoo Festival, Come Together Festival, Idlewild (UK), Faker, Dappled Cities Fly

2006 - Something For Kate, Expatriate, Lou Barlow (USA), Come Together III Festival, The Great Escape Festival, The Essential festival, The Cloud Room (USA), The Fiery Furnaces (USA)

Set List

We play tracks from all our releases. We change up our set every night. At the moment our set consists of a lot of new songs. We have over 15 new songs to chose from. Our usual set list duration is around 45-50 mins:

Ocean Beach Park (new song)
A Million Pieces... (new song)
We Burn (new song)
Nothing Ever Changes
Cornflower Blue
Manchester City Cosmonauts (new song)
It's Over
Desolation Angels
Don't Listen To Us (new song)
Sleep Less

We sometimes bring a cover into the set. Some of the covers we've played recently are:

Army Of Me (Bjork)
Just Keep Walking (Inxs)
Pretty In Pink (Psychedelic Furs)

There's talk of a Howard Jones cover, but I can't confirm that... :)