We are an alternative/metal band that likes to experiment with and expand the boundaries of our genres. The main topics of our songs are our Christian faith and the struggles of daily life.


In a time where many bands are afraid to really show who they are, Devoyd stands out and experiments with all kinds of music that exposes their inner-selves. On "Where are we now?" the group explored into many different genres including punk/pop, metal, reggae, and just straight up rock. Devoyd is also not afraid to say what needs to be said and to let others know of their Christian faith. 2006 was a big year for them, booking many gigs and releasing "Where are we now?" Currently, Devoyd is gigging and writing new material.


Where are we now? - 2006

Set List

We usually play 30 minute sets or about 10 songs, but we can do more.