Melancholy and confidence have a charming rendezvous. Dew - Swiss female Singer-Songwriter recorded her new CD together with Larry Crane, the producer of famous musicians like Elliot Smith, Jenny Lewis, the Decemberists, Cat Power.



a female Singer-Songwriter from Basel, Switzerland, is striking a surprising new path with her new CD “moments to dwell”: After one week after the release of “moments to dwell”, her album was discovered from the biggest Swiss Radio-Station DRS3. Dews song “words” was chosen as “Song-of-the-week”, since then, the song is in the airplay! Dew enjoyed big media coverage in Newspapers, Radio stations and Televisions. Her Fan-Base is grown rapidly and her CD-Sales got up to speed. As a journalist said: “ Dews is definitely an artist with future!”

Big success after short time – the album speaks for itself. Melancholy and confidence have a charming rendezvous. Some of the songs are realised in a fragile way: Variable guitar sounds complement dew’s voice wonderfully With the help of professional musicians other songs have grown into minimally orchestrated folk-rock-songs during the recording process; and the darker songs have been endowed with expression and depth by Dew’s voice – this amazing voice that sounds discretely, sometimes fragile but then again with great intensity – and with the power to fascinate her audience.
She has planned and financed her new record on her own as a solo artist. Together with Pascal Perrot – long-time singer and guitar player with various Bands in Basel – Welken, PerroBravo – Dew came up with a convincing pre-production, with which she won the RegioSoundCredit (RFV, Kulturelles BS/BL) in October 2005. This most important musical award from the Basel area encouraged and strengthened her resolve to complete her project: Dew had been in contact with Larry Crane (producer and engineer of various internationally known artists like Elliot Smith, Cat Power, the-Go-Betweens, Jenny Lewis) for some time. In February 2006, she travelled across the Atlantic – Destination: Portland, Oregon, Jackpot! Studio. In this location, her first solo work “moments to dwell” was made with Larry Crane and Pascal Perrot. All instruments were played by Dew, Larry and Pascal, and on drums, Rachel Blumberg (Norfolk/Western; The Decemberists) gives a strong performance.

In any case, dew’s songs are waiting to be heard. Let dew take you by surprise.


2006, October: "words" Nr. 3 from "moments to dwell" is "Song-of-the-week" on the biggest Swiss Radio Station DRS3. Airplay!

2006 "moments to dwell", Recordings: Jackpot! Studio, with Larry Crane, Portland, Oregon, USA; Mastering: Jeff Stuart Saltzman, Portland, Oregon, USA.

2002 „closer“, Recordings: Foolpark Studio, with Deezl Imhof, Baar, Zug, Switzerland; Mastering: Greenwood, Nunningen, Switzerland. Self-Distribution, 1'000 pieces are sold.

2001 „near yet far away“, Recordings: OneDrop Studio, Muttenz, Switzerland; Mastering: Hans Ullrich, Basel, Switzerland. Self-Distribution, limited Edition, sold out.

Set List

There is no "typical set list".

The set list should match with the venue and it's from 20 minutes to 3 hours - almost everything is potential.

More than 50 own songs and maybe 2-3 covers.