our music is widely influenced by sounds through time and around the world, however we strive in the songs to find a unique and original sound true to our lives and our identities. the music has life messages and we very much live our music in our lives. all the recordings are home made.


We began as bored teenagers from the suburbs, Playing music was our way of communicating with the outer world from our insulated bubbles. For years this was our little sacred secret but as we grew up and out of our homes and into the outer world we began tounderstnd now to express our feelings to such as expirimetal songs that express the exasperaion of not being able to communicate the feelings we understand, but when we express it, they know. We are like nothing you've heard before, we press the limits of your ears and your soul.


The Noise Boys EP. Good Grief LP.

Set List

the noise boys ,icarus, sunshine, all the people,toys pois the boys. we sometimes throw in a cover and sometimes other originals