DeWayne Davis

DeWayne Davis


We play Texas style roots music, including Blues, Rock, Latin, and Country. We play originals and covers. We come alive on stage and love to interact with the audience.


DeWayne plays Texas style music. Originally from Ysleta, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley, he has been based in Austin since 1985. Dad, Vernon, played "Swing" fiddle, and Mom, Helen, a Cherokee from Oklahoma, played Guitar.


"Texas DeLuxe" CD, Funkified Texas Music 2006
"DeWayne Davis Band" Video, Thru Da Keyhole 2006
"DeWayne Davis Bass Solo" Video, Thru Da Keyhole 2006
"Extreme Action" DVD, Platinum Disc 2003
"Hardcore Action" DVD, Platinum Disc 2003
"Undercurrent" DVD, Avalanche Entertainment 2001
"Undercurrent" VHS, Avalanche Entertainment 1999
"Texas Bars And Battle Scars"CD. Oasis Records 1998

Set List

Our first set is approximately 2 hours. We perform 1-4 sets per night. Our sets are different every night depending on the venue, the crowd, and what we feel like playing. We are seasoned and versatile musicians, and can go from Lounge, to Honky Tonk, to Concert stage without missing a beat.

www (512) 626-9258