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Dewey PC

South Lake Tahoe, California, United States | INDIE

South Lake Tahoe, California, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop World


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Long Beach's DeweyPC is definately a sound like no other!"

The production is cool and the delivery is good, just need to work on getting your music heard in other markets, it's hot and different. Song
#6 "Mamacita" is the hottest out of all the songs I heard. This song is
definitely a single that is ready to be commercially released. If this
is not the single your pushing, it needs to be. This song is definitely
a club song.
Song #5 was cool. A definite real hip hop joint. Your overall production was pretty good. Your lyrical delivery style was unique. You definitely do not sound like anyone else. Again make sure you start pushing "Mamacita" as a single. That song is a definite winner.

2007 Atlantis Listening Committee - 2007 Atlantis Listening Committee


Watch yo' Step (EP 2007)

Iz what it izz (LP 2011)



Dewey PC was born and raised on the North side of Long Beach, California. He is an up and coming Hip Hop artist who’s first influences were artists such as Sugar Hill Gang and Slick Rick. Dewey brings with him a style, that is described by a representative of the 2007 Atlantis Listening Committee, as being “hot and different”. He definitely has a unique flair.

In May of 2007, Dewey PC’s debut EP, Watch Yo’ Step, was released. This EP has a range of flavors to wet any Hip Hop head’s taste buds. From the brain teasing tracks, Watch Yo’ Step (featuring Barikuda, Del-Shodegun and Uncle James) and Not a Nut (featuring Snaire), to the flirtatious club banger, Mamacita (also featuring Uncle James), that is bound to get your body movin’.

In February of 2011 the long awaited LP "iz what it izz" exploded onto the LB Hip Hop scene with 16 full tracks including 6 from the previous EP "Watch yo' Step", The album starts out strong with the highly recognized club banger and Hollywood Music Award nominated "Mamacita!" and ends with an all-star cast on the mesmerizing song "Small World", fan favorite Uncle James is featured alongside DeweyPC on many of the tracks on the LP adding his own unique style to the album. Expertly produced and written by both DeweyPC and renowned producer Jett Black, "iz what it izz" is sure to please even the toughest Hip-Hop critics with it's non-stop head moving pace.

Beside Dewey’s flavorful style, he also brings a unique background and perspective to the Hip Hop scene. Dewey is also referred to by some as Daddy Dewey, because he is such a loving and proud husband and father of two, a teenage daughter and an infant son. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with the intentions of pursuing a career in counseling. However, Dewey chose to pursue a career in music, as he felt that he would be able to reach out to more people through his lyrics. Dewey gives thanks to his maternal grandfather, who was a hero of war, and to his own father, a hero of the streets for helping him become a hero in his own ways.

When asked when he realized that he was meant for music, Dewey told of an old recording that was recently brought to his attention. At 10 years old, without knowing that he was being recorded on a Fisher Price recorder, Dewey repeated the words ‘Rappin’ Genius’ numerous times. This seems to be a pretty clear point of recognition. Then, during his senior year in high school Dewey was approached by a peer’s parent for his lyrical skills and he has been performing ever since.

Dewey PC brings peace, love and education into the Hip Hop scene with positive words of encouragement. He chooses not to rush the course of his music career, as he trusts that all will come into place in due time. He is loved and supported by many and will undoubtedly one day become a Hip Hop icon.

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