De Wilmore

De Wilmore


Profilic writer in many styles. Excellent lyricist strong hooks.


De Wilmore has been a songwriter for over 30 years. Although he has a functional career in another industry, his passion has finally won out. He finally decided to take matter in his own hands.

De and his older brother began performing music at an early age and has never stopped. De began as a trombone player, versed in jazz, classical and big band music. He continued in the performing arts through college, but shelved any potential music careers for more stable footing. He continued writing during his transitional years however. He continues to write for industry friends starting out.


Another Love Song

Written By: De Wilmore

Verse 1: It's not another love song
Another sad goodbye/hello song
Hell I'm not falling apart
And I don't have pain in my heart
And I'm not losing you

Verse 2: No tears are falling down my face
No mem'ries left I can' erase
yes I will live another day
there's nothing left that I have to say and I'm not losing you

Ch: It's not another love song
Or how could love go wrong
It's nothing like a whisper
In your lovers ear at dawn
It's not another moonlight
or dancing in the rain
it's not crying 'cause you see them so damn happy 'cause you came

Bridge: It's not a heartfelt moment
walking in the sun
or a picnic in the park or holding hands like we are one
It's not another reason
to hold you by the fire
or a passionate embrace that flames your hearts desires

Chorus: (repeat to end)


Written By: De Wilmore

v. I was driving in my car, down an ordinary street, when I saw a man alone, beside the road. With a bag in his hand and a pack on his back and a dirty old matt that he called home. the I thought to myself, what a waste of a world, does everything come down to this? then I suddenly signed, I got a tear in my eye as I realized, I realized,

ch: It could be me, it could be you, it could be anyone of us so dont be fooled, it could be me, it could be you, dont walk away , dont close your eyes or it will never go away.

Br. If I think about tomorrow , it could be me who needs a hand,
do I have to wonder who will be there to be my friend. Can I trust in you to pick me up, put me on my feet again

ch: It could be me , It could be you, I t could be anyone of us, so dont be fooled , it could be me, it could be you, dont walk away, dont close your eyes or it will never go away. Dont walk awy, dont close your eyes , or it will never go away.