Dexter Wesley

Dexter Wesley

Columbus, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Columbus, Ohio, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Blues Psychedelic




"World-Renowned Musician Compliments Dexter"

"I've been all over the world with Miles (Davis) and George Clinton and still have not heard anyone play like Dexter!"

Foley: Multi instrumentalist, Miles Davis' "Lead bass player", long time drummer for George Clinton & The P-Funk All-Stars (Parliament/Funkedelic), among many others - Foley

"Electrifying Performance: Scream Bloody Blues, Fusion Rock, Soulful"

"I had the pleasure to once again witness his electrifying performance this past weekend. At first glance, Dex's style, dress, stage persona and musical blend remind you of Jimi Hendrix. The brother can make his electric guitar scream bloody blues, with fusion rock and soulful vibes."

X Urban Music Magazine - X Urban Music Magazine

"Expletives of Joy!!"

"Track 2 (She Put Me Down by Wesley), whoa!, nice stuff! Thanks for the share Myke! I'm only part way through the album. Sooo good! ... Um, all I can say is gawdamn-gawdamn-gawdamn!!! And Fuuuuuuuuck yeah! ... Seriously, 3rd time through at max volume, headphones on, heaven!"

Craig Dunson: Producer, Label Head, Music Aficianado - Craig Dunson

"Fat Cat Radio Reviews 1st Wesley EP"

"I was happy to learn they also have a VERY strong set of originals. The description of their sound as 'Hyper-Spiritual Amplified Blues, Rock!' on a website, is certainly apt. While I've personally never had more than a passing interest in Hendrix beyond the classic rock tracks everybody is familiar with, I gotta say, I am quite impressed with the 5-song EP of Wesley originals, '5 Songs From Dexter' (2011). Top-notch musicianship, production and an uncanny channelling of one James Marshall Hendrix. If you've ever wondered what Mister Purple Haze would sound like if he were still around, I definitely recommend checking out Dexter Wesley."

Swede - Fat Cat Radio, Blues & Rock Internet Radio Station - Swede - Fat Cat Radio

"Hyper-Spiritual Amplified Blues... at the Communty Festival, "Comfest!""

"Hyper-Spiritual Amplified Blues, Psychedelic Bluez, British Blues, Guitar Music. Many point to Dexter Wesley as the answer to 'What would Jimi Hendrix sound like today?', with Wesley's originals sounding like the long lost Jimi sessions, and with exceptional skills."

The Community Festival: 3-Day Festival, Since the 70s! - Columbus, Ohio - The Community Festival (Comfest) - Columbus, Ohio

"Music Review: Dexter Wesley (& Red Hot Lava)"

"Going off the beaten path for this one. I want to talk to you about a disc I picked up from Comfest. If you read my review of that event, you'll recall that this band does a soulful Jimi Hendrix tribute that was a real crowd pleaser. I was thrilled when they let me listen to their new CD... First off, this band is old-school all the way, shows that you're dealing with musicians, not salesmen. Fair enough.

The disc in question has an intro piece, aptly called, 'My Guitar' that sets the tone for the entire release, followed by 'Captain Corruption.' VERY Hendrix-like, but raw, bluesy and feeling like a genuine 60's vibe. I have a collection of Hendrix bootlegs and studio outtakes - this CD could easily fit amongst them. And like those rarites, this doesn't quoite have the sound of a mainstream Hendrix release, but it most definitely in the same vein.

My favorite track is probably 'Tired Of Being Your Fool', which you can hear for yourself (on the Dexter Wesley music player at, and many other songs). Unlike most of the other songs, this one is all Stevie Ray. Damn good drinkin' music, too.Also, really like 'Blues In My Head' and 'Hold Your Head Up.' In fact, the whole disc is good, down-to-earth, minimally produced, sweaty Blues-ified rock-n-roll. My only concern is that, like their live performances, the sound is so very much Jimi, it may be difficult for them to be appreciated on their own terms. Which honestly, they deserve to be.

So, pour yourself a drink, take a listen and see what you think. Maybe even catch them live, I guarantee you won't regret it. These are musicians, folks. Real ones. Old school lives. And, thank God for that."

RevMortis, The Rim of Hell: Confessions of a Metal Geek - RevMortis, The Rim of Hell: Confessions of a Metal Geek

"Dexter and the boys Slay at Screamin' Willie's - Columbus"

"By the end of Dexter Wesley & Red Hot Lava's mini set we witnessed on Friday night at Screamin' Willies (Reynoldsburg, East Columbus, Ohio), I was seriously saying, 'I'm not worthy!' Dexter came out on the stage as a mirror image of Jimi Hendrix, with a pink, psychedelic frill-trimmed shirt. Bassist, Myke Rock was decked out in (60's styled) Patriotic garb and complimented perfectly. The audience was immediately transported to a time gone by. The majority of this particular show was a tribute to Jimi Hendrix, starting out with 'Fire' and progressed to other popular Hendrix tunes, such as 'Foxy Lady', 'Purple Haze' and 'Hey Joe.'However, as an acomplished songwriter, Dexter was able to showcase his original music. Of course, the night would not be complete withoput the 'Star-Spangled Banner', which had the entire venue in a trance.

As gifted as Dexter is, he is very humble, as he and his bandmingled with the audience after his set. This speaks volumes to those who came out in support."

Mary Martorano McQuain, Local Rock Showcase, Columbus, Ohio - Mary Martorano McQuain - Local Rock Showcase

"Heard some of the Studio Cuts and was Amazed!"

"JIMI HENDRIX LIVES!? Okay, it's not Jimi, but a guy named Dexter Wesley, and man the guy sounds like the guitar legend on both vocals and guitar. I heard some of the studio cuts and was amazed. If you are a fan of Jimi Hendrix, I invite you to take a listen to Dexter Wesley & Red Hot Lava."

Ron Coffey: - Ron Coffey


2011 -  5 Song EP, 5 SONGS FROM DEXTER
2014 - 8 Song LP, CUT THE GAMES
2023 - 10 Song LP, THE DREAMER




Dexter Wesley comes from good stock. Wesley's "Great!" uncle Rahsaan Roland Kirk played sax, flute and many other instruments. Known throughout the world as the inventor of, and perfecter of Circular Breathing, his innovation allows for super long continuous notes and flurries. Kirk's talent is in effect in Mr. Wesley.

Snoop Dog is also in the family tree. But, Wesley paves his own way, making a name for himself as a guitar hero for the now and the future. Indelibly inspired by the great Jimi Hendrix, Wesley writes songs that sound as though Hendrix himself arose from his slumber to pen a few dozen tasty gems.

Though Dexter Wesley & Red Hot Lava pay, in essence, tribute to the greatest guitarist and music innovator of all time, by performing select numbers from the Hendrix lexicon, strong sentiment and demand continues to grow for Wesley's vibrant original material. Since the new era of recording sessions began for Wesley in 2011, long time Wesley bassist, Myke Rock (the Red Hot Lava), helps poise the band to reach new heights in the 2020s.

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