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Glenelg, South Australia, Australia | SELF

Glenelg, South Australia, Australia | SELF
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"DCF cd Review"

Reviewed by: Dorothy Pawlowski

Published: 3 September 2010

DCF/ Semolina is a 2-track CD single from Adelaide 4 piece outfit Dexter Jones. As such it comes in understated packaging, just a cardboard sheath with the song titles, production credits and some nicely minimal paint splatter and logo design.

A single is a slice of history really, a moment in the development of a band or a sound. Some singles stand alone because the songs are so great that they make their own place in the universe and tower over the world even in a plain paper sleeve. Other singles have an underlying purpose, being more in the line of tactical exercises by bands trying to carve out for themselves a small comfortable niche in the vicious jungle of the music biz. I think this may be an example of the latter, like a branding campaign, a bit of market research.

Dexter Jones want us to remember their songs which are as obviously stylised and memorable as the “DJ” logo emblazoned so boldly on the cover, not a bad thing at all. This comes across as a commercial release, it’s well produced and executed, it’s catchy and driving, it has hooks!

“DCF” is an art-school rhythmically throbbing number, reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand or their ilk, in turn reminiscent of more historic bands The Fall or Gang Of Four. The Dexter Jones version is urbane, the song-writing appears careful in its construction and the execution slick.

Track 2 “Semolina” is rockier maybe, still definitely in the “indie” mould but probably a little less geek and a bit more jock, like cool-footballer stuff. Once again it’s well played, production is big (just listen to that gated snare), you can dance to it and it sticks in your head; hear it two or three times on the radio and you’ll probably be humming along without even realising.

The intention of a CD review should be to determine what the authors set out to do, and make an assessment as to whether they succeeded. My interpretation of Dexter Jones’ interpretation of this genre is that they’ve succeeded admirably; two catchy, hooky, well played well produced current sounding pop rock tracks that will definitely stick in the minds of the punters and ensure that their brand gets its space on the shelf. - Music SA


And now in effort to disturb my constantly interrupted slumber further, we have the first act for the night, Dexter Jones: a band that appears to be nothing more than a fanatical front for the People's Revolutionary Army for Handlebar Moustaches. Granted, these are politically charged times and I'm aware that we're kicking into the last leg of "Movember" here, but that shit the guitarist is sprouting is beginning to verge on a beast that could scale the Empire State building and swat fighter jets out've the sky. Still, as glaringly distractive as that and it's many squinting mariachi expressions may be; hack and slash through that forest and you might just find a band worth seeing. Dexter Jones: they're the sing-along-with-beers-in-the-air pub rock act you'd expect to see packing out a country piss hole to the ceiling on a Wednesday night, they're the stadium rock cheese of Jet and Oasis and the slurring swagger of You Am I minus all the rich dickheads, the chair smashing brawls and the brain damaging cocaine and they're about as infectious and near deadly as the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918.. aaah, what's not to love?

SSaturday November 24th 2007POZ - SPOZ'S RANT

"AA side cd review"

Dexter Jones have established themselves as one of Adelaide’s better live bands around town right now and it only seems fitting that they are releasing another single to cap off what has been a barnstorming 12 months. Dexter Jones has been clever enough to make their unique style of rock, pop and "BBQ Groove" appeal to almost anyone… even me.

Two cracking tracks in I Don’t Like The Summer and Moment Alone draws on a mash of their influences ranging from Supertramp, The Beatles, ELO, The Strokes, Weezer and many more. If you didn’t think that was value for money, the b-side 42 is chucked in as a nice bonus. Grab this little hot number while you can.

Rob Lyon
- Rip it Up magazine #787 15/07/04

"AA side cd review"

I was immediately captivated by the old-style guitar riffs and exciting melodies of pop/rock outfit Dexter Jones' 'AA Side' CD-EP. This independent local band has a similar energy to Jimmy Eat World but at the same time they remind me of the electricity of Queens Of The Stone Age. Their debut single collects three ear-raising songs that will likely make you want to dance.

The catchy guitar riffs and up-beat bass lines of I Don't Like The Summer and 42 are lively and filled with emotion, whilst the vocalists sing with an authentic passion that brings each song to life. On a softer note is Moment Alone. The mellow tone of the vocals blends with marching guitars and rhythmic drums; giving the track a sombre mood evoking pity in the verses and anger throughout the chorus.

Ultimately we are presented here with an enthusiastic debut single which shows us the beginnings of a great band. Dexter Jones carry a vibrancy about them; given the energy in their songs, I am sure that the band would light up the stage.

Megan Semczuk
- dB magazine #335 30/06/04



Unique New York (single and music video)
(Official Australian Release July 2011)
(Feb 14th 2012 North America)

1. Unique New York
2. DCF
3. 1964
4. I'm Sold
5. Table For Two

DCF Promo Single 2010
1.DCF (music video released July 2010)



Dexter Jones is a four piece indie rock act from Adelaide, Australia. The current line up began in mid 2010, with ex ‘Blow up Betty’ drummer Kristy Mitchell joining lead guitarist Ben Flett, vocalist Matt Soang and bassist Ben Nash.

The Dexter Jones indie pop rock sound is derived from a wide range of musical styles. The band has chosen not to follow any one system or philosophy in their song writing. Dexter Jones like their big harmonies, catchy riffs and sing-along choruses.

In early 2010 Dexter Jones teamed up with Tim Pine from Rocking Chair Films to produce a music video for their single DCF which premiered on ABC2's Rage after it’s release in July 2010. The video can now be viewed on the DexterJonesTV channel on YouTube which also contains behind the scenes footage and interviews.

2011 saw Dexter Jones release the New York EP and attract the ears of JL Music Publishing Australia; signing on the dotted line at the end of July. The New York E.P. will go to the North American Airwaves Feb 14th 2012.

2012 saw the band step up several notches, supporting INXS, Vanessa Amarosi, Mark Seymor & the Undertow at the Clipsal 500 after race concert. Following this was an 8 date Australian National tour.

Received high USA College radio charting on-

KQAL- Winona MN Ch #5, KKSM- San Marcos CA Ch #6,
KTCV-Kennewick WA Ch #22, Lasell-Newton MA Ch #2,
WMCO-New Concord OH Ch #2,WRUW-Cleveland OH Ch #18, WSIA-Staten Island NY Ch #6