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The best kept secret in music


"Dexter Myers Soul Stories Reviewed by CJ Overton"

The third time is definitely the charmed one for Dexter Myers. His newest release, titled Soul Stories, has charm coming out each of it's 11 cuts.

With a voice that sounds comfortable as a favorite pair of tennis shoes feels, Myers croons a pleasant combination of R&B and rock. Blended well with the lyrics that Myers has written, the quality of his sound is imaginative and is bound to attract a wide variety of followers.

Whether mellow or upbeat, as in cut 6, "Get Up!," Myers effortlessly pulls his listeners into the tempo. The urge to get up and dance, or move some body part to the beat is irresistible. Myers is skillful at turning the tables to mellowed-out in the very next melody, "Foolish Pride." "You know I want you/ It's plain to see/ It's foolish pride/ It don't mean a damn thing to me." The subtle use of violins adds a soulful touch to the singer's plea in keeping a relationship intact.

It is refreshing to hear how each of the cuts can explore the many levels of a serious relationship, without the graphic sexuality attached to some of the more popular rap and R&B music. Myers has added to that, creative arrangements with acoustics and keyboards that will give his type of music both popularity and the stability to last beyond one hit.

Dexter Myers' "Soul Stories" has an unmistakable appeal that crosses over age groups and defined musical types. Myers message is in the beat and the way it blends so easily with his lyrics. Play on, Dexter. This is a keeper! - The Circle Magazine

"Dexter Myers "Soul Stories""

“I liked what I heard from Mr. Myers’ CD, Soul Stories, on his website. Admittedly, I have developed an aversion to modern R&B music, which has, in my opinion, become something other than R&B and more of an ugly processed pop that has produced countless one-hit wonders and boy-bands that teen-age girls soil their pants over. I don't put Mr. Myers in that category. His subject matter is pretty standard -- with songs titled "Crush" and "The One," you know what is about to hit you. But the musicianship is far superior to anything being heard on any Clearchannel radio station around the country.

Myers' vocals are exceptional, staying away from the strained crooning of popular music. Definitely worth the trip to his website.” (Mike Mitchelson) - Mike Mitchelson, Demorama


Current Catalog:

RocketLove34 2006
Soul Stories 2003
Eclectic Soul 2000
Six Dimensions 1998


Feeling a bit camera shy


He blends R&B, Funk, Jazz and Rock in a most compelling way. A smooth vocal performance and provocative songwriting compliment his self-described ‘Eclectic Soul’. It’s like Maxwell but more pop. Like Seal with a more soulful edge. Like Lenny Kravitz but more urban. Step outside the box and taste a brand new flavor of Alternative Soul…

With a new CD, “RocketLove34”, set for release this winter, Dexter will follow up the underground cult albums- “Soul Stories” and “Eclectic Soul”.
“Six Dimensions” was the start of his Indie-Soul revolution and a natural progression for Dexter after years of piano and voice lessons. “RocketLove34” which Dexter wrote, composed, performed and produced will secure his place as an innovator in the Alternative Soul genre.

Upon graduating from Howard University, Dexter found himself on the road less traveled. There was family pressure to become the first lawyer and a stint in Corporate America. However, music was always his constant craving. “My dad always tried to persuade me to become a lawyer and ‘write my own ticket’. I worked for a law firm for six months and it was like dying a slow death.” Although a career in Advertising was a better match, it was founding Brown Ambition Worldwide that was a life altering moment. “I couldn’t get an acceptable major label deal so I had no choice but to do it myself. Now I have total creative freedom and I get to apply those valuable corporate life lessons to managing my music career.”

By embracing the digital revolution, Dexter is selling CD’s and downloads while developing fans all over the world. “It’s an amazing feeling when people all over the world surf onto my sites and share their thoughts about my music. It just validates my decision to follow my own path come what may.” With a growing buzz and infinite possibilities, Dexter is ready to soar.