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"Musicoz Award Winning Artist"

Dextors Conscience has won the Christian/Gospel Artist of the year award at the 2006 Musicoz Awards at the Enmore Thaetre in Sydney. - Musicoz

"CD Launch article"

It's not often you discover a musical gem right under your nose right here in Brisbane. Dextor's Conscience is one such gem whose blend of alternative-ambient rock is bound to turn heads nationwide.

Dextor's Conscience is a song project put together by singer-songwriter Matthew Plamer. The desired effect was to express his feelings about life and how it happens to him, as it happens, in a raw and unveiled context. primarily a solo act since 2002, Plamer (along with bassist Nathan Azzopardi and drummer, Joel Bagnall) has released an album - Soundtrack The Distance - and moved into more performances as a full band.

"It's a band vibe now," Plamer explains. "I don't think of the guys that play for me as a backing band, but as part of the Dextor's experience. I guess I'm the leader of the project but everyone gets their input. I love collaborating on ideas, but ultimately it's my baby; I don't mean that in a controlling way just that the development of our direction relies more on my vision than anything else."

"On the album there is a lot of stylistic diversity, which is natural when you choose to have a broad intake of influences ranging from classics like Simon & Garfunkle and Jeff Buckley to some of my favourites such as Jimmy Eat World and Death Cab for Cutie."

"I guess it all fits into the loose genre of rock, but form a writers point of view, I don't necessarily set out to fit all the songs into a specific genre. I let them develop themselves and just want to make music that I like to listen to and if other people like it, that's awesome too."

Ben Preece - Time Off August 23rd, 2006
- Time Off Magazine

"Interview (Q&A)"


Conscience Vote

RAVE takes a peep inside DEXTER’S CONSCIENCE, and gets a little smitten with main-man MATT PALMER as a result.

When did you start writing songs – and what instigated it?

I would have to say when I was about six years old. I first learned to play that classic rock hit Wild Thing on my brother’s cheap copy of a Fender Strat. Since then I couldn’t get enough of the whole music thing and it became a huge part of my life. First song I wrote was around age eight or nine…and sounded a lot like Wild Thing…the real songs started coming out when I was 15 and high school life was getting me down.

Your bio states that when you were taking ADD medication during your high school years, your "brain became more active while my social life suffered." Did you enjoy this heightened state of awareness?

I guess it’s not so much enjoy, as endure… I didn’t do it as a recreational drug thing. It was medication, designed to adjust me.

Why did your social life suffer?

I find myself drawing a lot of similarities between Zach Braff’s character in Garden State, and myself. It would have been the numbness of it all when on the medication; although dexamphetamine is not as severe as the kinds of drug he was on in the movie.

How did you record your new album Soundtrack The Distance – did you do it yourself at home or did you work with a producer/engineer at a studio?

I have had the good fortune of working pretty closely with a community centre that hosts a record label called Starving Kids. Their philosophy is to help up-and-coming artists get a leg up, by providing a studio and engineers for low cost recording. The majority of the album was tracked here. I produced the album myself but I worked very closely with a few good up-and-coming engineers.

What might you like to try next time you record?

I would really love to not be bound by resources, I would love to have like 10 different amps and a billion guitars… but I think realistically next time we record I would like to put in a lot of live elements. Do a lot more jamming on the songs and really feel out the best direction for the whole album before we hit the studio.

You say your music proposes that "there is even more than love to be
embraced" – what do you mean by that?

I guess what I mean by that is that there’s more to life than what we think there is. A sense of being loved and of worth that doesn’t rely on what other people think of you, just knowing who we are, imperfections and all, is someone that is cared about in a totally unconditional way.

What do you have planned for the launch show?

I have a bit of an all-round show planned with some guests popping in. I am pretty chuffed to have some friends supporting us at the launch, Brown Bear, and The Wells. They are really good. We should be supporting them. So it will definitely be an entertaining evening.

Dextor’s Conscience launch Soundtrack The Distance @ The Living Room on August 24.
- RAVE Magazine

"Soundtarck the Distance CD Review"

Local songsters Dextors Conscience have taken the often treacherous path of the concept album for their debut release, Soundtrack the is the soundtrack for the journey of life and coincidently a serviceable piece of emo, alternative rock.

The record moves gracefully from section to section, from fingerpicked acoustic guitar to driving nu-metal riffs and dreamily strummed chords. The ambient soundtrack elements are often the finest, conveying more emotion than the sometimes cliched melodic sections.

An Excercise in Attraction swells beautifully as it pursues it's own conclusion showcasing the bands musicality. It is this impressive grasp of dynamics combined with Matt Palmer's breathy diction and pained wails that tells the is a solid work, if safe - done well.

- Rave Magazine

"Soundtrack the Distance Review"

Soundtrack The Distance (Starving Kids)

With the vocal delivery tones of Death Cab For Cutie, the emotion of Dashboard Confessional and the accessibility of a mid-90s Goo Goo Dolls, Dextors Conscience are truly a world-class band that, would seem, is hiding right here in our backyard.

Wearing their heart extremely visibly on their sleeve, this four-piece deliver a stylish rock sound saturated in heart-wrenching emotion and songwriting goodness from the pen of Matt Palmer. Soundtracked by crunchy guitars, it seems real agony has gone into these songs as vivid imagery and real story-telling spill from every revealing lyric, giving the impression that this is only the beginning of something great.

Hopefully Palmer and the boys will realise just what they have here and take Soundtrack The Distance onto a worldwide platform.

4/5 (Ben Preece)
- Time Off Magazine


“Soundtrack The Distance” DEBUT ALBUM (released August 2006)
“Songs For Audrey Single” SINGLE (online release 2006)
“Where My Heart Belongs” SINGLE (online release 2005)
“Acoustics And Stones” COMPILATION (released 2005)



Dextor’s Conscience- A Story to Share

We all grow up listening to stories. Some scare, challenge and teach, while others inspire us to hope. Dextors Conscience’s debut album, Soundtrack the Distance (Starving Kids Records), is more than a collection of songs, but instead is a crafted narrative of emotion and faith set to a naturally expressive indie rock. Dextors Conscience is a band desperate to make a real connection with their listening audience. It is this passion for relationship that gives the songs an honest and open transparency.

Like all timeless poets, singer/songwriter Matt Palmer deals with the human condition; our ability to love, pine and feel. “Your skin embraces my skin, your lips engaging my kiss, the alluring invitation you sent, to which my better judgment just won’t consent...” We are engaged because we identify.

According to Matt, “I really wanted to make this album lyrically tell a story, so I took this into account when selecting the tracks and the order of songs. The whole idea behind ‘soundtrack the distance’ is, the songs are the moments in my life, or experiences I had, that got me from the person I was then, to who I am now”.

Recently reforming as the intended 4 piece rock band, after a few months playing acoustic shows while looking for a permanent drummer, Dextors Conscience have never been more poised to attack their musical career and develop beyond the heights they have previously enjoyed.

Described as “alternative-ambient rock that is bound to turn heads nationwide” and “truly a world class band” by Ben Preece of Time Off Magazine, Dextors Conscience are looking forward to sharing stories with new fans wherever they play.

Listen close for the next chapter.


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