dextors conscience

dextors conscience


Most songs come from a particular place in-between sleep and awake, where your brain has a fit before it shuts down, and you analyze your whole life in a matter of moments. - DEXTORS CONSCIENCE


Dextor’s Conscience- A Story to Share

We all grow up listening to stories. Some scare, challenge and teach, while others inspire us to hope. Dextors Conscience’s debut album, Soundtrack the Distance (Starving Kids Records), is more than a collection of songs, but instead is a crafted narrative of emotion and faith set to a naturally expressive indie rock. Dextors Conscience is a band desperate to make a real connection with their listening audience. It is this passion for relationship that gives the songs an honest and open transparency.

Like all timeless poets, singer/songwriter Matt Palmer deals with the human condition; our ability to love, pine and feel. “Your skin embraces my skin, your lips engaging my kiss, the alluring invitation you sent, to which my better judgment just won’t consent...” We are engaged because we identify.

According to Matt, “I really wanted to make this album lyrically tell a story, so I took this into account when selecting the tracks and the order of songs. The whole idea behind ‘soundtrack the distance’ is, the songs are the moments in my life, or experiences I had, that got me from the person I was then, to who I am now”.

Recently reforming as the intended 4 piece rock band, after a few months playing acoustic shows while looking for a permanent drummer, Dextors Conscience have never been more poised to attack their musical career and develop beyond the heights they have previously enjoyed.

Described as “alternative-ambient rock that is bound to turn heads nationwide” and “truly a world class band” by Ben Preece of Time Off Magazine, Dextors Conscience are looking forward to sharing stories with new fans wherever they play.

Listen close for the next chapter.


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“Soundtrack The Distance” DEBUT ALBUM (released August 2006)
“Songs For Audrey Single” SINGLE (online release 2006)
“Where My Heart Belongs” SINGLE (online release 2005)
“Acoustics And Stones” COMPILATION (released 2005)

Set List

The set can be arranged for the show. From Mellow Acoustic to Loud Alt. Rock - Most songs are taken from the album Soundtrack the Distance in our current set lists.