We are a reggae and r&b group we only do oreginal roots and contious music our mission is to send a positive message on top of some heartfelt straight-ahead reggae grooves.


Deyansa- lead vocals' Born in jamaica Deyansa started singing at a young age and seriously pursued his musical career in 1993. As a songwriter he has been influence by people in his community and the sound of concious reggae.On stage he proves to be a vibrant performer who gives one hundred percent every time wether in Jamaica or North America. John " T" Ford- Bass player, Born in jamaica he toured extensively in the US and South America backed such artist as Leroy Sibbles, Sluggy Ranks,Travor Sparks and Reggie Stepper to name a few. Ian Joseph - Drumer, Born in Trinidad Ian honed his skills touring in Asia and the local New York scene. His musical versatility ranges across many genres. Which he incorporates into the "High Roots'' sound.


good people

Written By: wayne fearon

where all the good people gone


This is our first debut album the title is called "Holding on to life" basicaly all the track have been playing on the radio localy and abroad.

Set List

Our set list is concist of twenty songs each set is forty five minutes to one hour, we could do more or less depending on what the promoter wants. Here is the list has fallow (1) Holding on to life (2) our father (3) africa calling (4) strong woman (5) prevail (6) let love reign (7) i'am falling (8) what adifference a day makes (9) give you my love (10) when we find JAH (11) pain and sarrow (12) good people (13) where do we go (14) don't be mad (15) they say (16) Elshadi (17) poor people (18) another story (19) good times (20) dreamers.