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The best kept secret in music


"Rapid Pop Thrills - Anthemic Pop Wonder"

After its 2002 release, APW's RAPID POP THRILLS garnered terrific reviews from a lot of cool places. Here's a smattering:

Erasing Clouds - "This is a hell of a pop-rock record, with as many catchy hooks and huge-sounding guitar riffs as anyone needs to have a good time. Recorded DIY-style with a lo-fi sound, Rapid Pop Thrills is all about old fashioned rock and roll fun, whether Dfactor's singing about rock itself or about love or friendship or the world around us."

Shredding Paper - "APW reminds me alot of MOTO, certainly a compliment. Medium fidelity garage pop with some strong tunes like We're Comin' Inside and Hero for a Friend and more. Energetic unpretentious fun."

Splendid Ezine - "Above and beyond their scattered pop-cultural references and in-your-face guitar work, Anthemic Pop Wonder have made Rapid Pop Thrills untimely and moving."

The Big Takeover (Issue 52) - "The second full-length from this New York-based project is a garage rock fan's dream. With a batch of tunes that sound like they were recorded on authentic late-60s vintage equipment, APW hits all the right marks. From the Creation-styled leanings of "Here's My #1" to the Sonics-reminiscent "Masterminds", Dfactor, the strangely named auteur behind this LP, has a fine mastery of rock history. And he isn't content to limit himself to mining the 1960s. A few tunes, including the obviously named "How Great Was Husker Du!" also show an affection and aptitude for the sounds of the early American underground. Mr. Factor avoids making a record for musos-only by remembering one simple thing: It's about the tunes. And for that, one can forgive him his pretensions."

Indie-Music.com - "With the swing and swagger of 70's garage punk and the energy of today's revivalist culture, APW bring a sweet, sweet dish of lo-fi pop and rock to the table...."

Twinstar Revolution - "Anthemic Pop Wonder hail from the big apple but they are not garage rock, and they don't sound like the plethora of bands jumping on the "Noo Yawk" inspired scene at the moment. For this reason alone I found them refreshing...."

Loud & Found - "...(APW's) song lyric skills are a big ol' breath of fresh air especially when you look at the endless drivel currently mustering out there.."

PopMatters - "...in the tradition of his hero Bob Pollard, David Murrow (a.k.a. Dfactor) dares you not to love his button-down hooks and quavery melodies. Really, this stuff is pretty endearing, a love affair with music that just makes your heart melt."

Glorious Noise - "Anthemic Pop Wonder's catchy little rock songs immediately brought me back down to Andy Sheneman's basement where I watched my friends' band record a handful of songs into their newly purchased four-track..."
- Smart people with excellent musical taste people

"Supersonic Lullabies - Anthemic Pop Wonder"

Splendid Magazine:
"Was Teenage Fanclub the most essential band of the nineties? If you take that question seriously, you'll love Anthemic Pop Wonder's Supersonic Lullabies."

Crashin' In:
"From pop punk to garage to infectious 60's-inspired melodies, Dfactor leads this outfit with some good ole solid tunes."

- Smart people with excellent musical taste people


Dfactor at MySpace

Dfactor at SoundClick

Dfactor's "12 Covers-12 Months" series

Anthemic Pop Wonder
"Supersonic Lullabies" - http://www.cdbaby.com/apw2
"Rapid Pop Thrills"
"Party Tarts"


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Introducing a rocker guy who plays music, taking in influences from his entire lifetime: Raised on 60s pop, chewed on 70s hard rock, punk rock, bit off 80s American hardcore and college rock and recaptured 90s indie rock. It's all in the mix in the music of Dfactor, a guitar-slingin', song-writin' rock and roll guy."

I'm Dfactor, singer, songwriter, rocker. I love the rock! And I love the roll! And I keep those two elements percolating in my life, providing energy, stamina and fun.

Hear four original songs at my MySpace page:

Hear three more at Soundclick.com:

I'm also recording one cool rockin' cover song every month in 2006 for the "12 Covers-12 Months" series. Hear them here:

Between 1998-2004, I was the key songwriting force behind NYC's Anthemic Pop Wonder (APW).
APW played live in NYC, Boston, Washington DC and elsewhere, and released five CDs, including 2000's Party Tarts EP, the well-reviewed 2002 release Rapid Pop Thrills and 2004's terrific followup (and swan song) Supersonic Lullabies.

Anthemic Pop Wonder disbanded in 2004.

Dfactor continues on.