Danny Fontaine And The Horns Of Fury

Danny Fontaine And The Horns Of Fury


Your darkest dreams of death and sex and sweat and sin. Orchestral Death Ska. Hirsute Rock. Spandex Cowboys. "The Band who are hard to describe." Tom Waits smoking crack with Freddie Mercury, whilst Brian Wilson jacks off Joe Strummer in the background.


Seven brave men are giving a new meaning to Orchestral Death Ska Barbershop.

Meet Danny Fontaine And The Horns Of Fury. Bearded eccentrics from South London. You have to see the live show to really understand...

Danny Fontaine And The Horns Of Fury have been described as:

- Circus Ska
- Russian Freakshow
- Death Ballad
- Weird Drunk
- Cowboy Vent and
- Hirsute Rock

...and have been likened to Queen, The Clash, The Beach Boys and Muse. The band formed at the beginning of 2006.


Murder Suite E.P. 2007
El Bomb E.P. 2008
No More Girlfriends E.P. 2009

All songs available to buy/stream online - 9 songs in total.

Set List

Broken Man
Tango El Bomb
Little Bit Of Mean
The Man In The Deli
And Then I'll Be Gone!
Macaroni Cheese (A Recipe For Destruction)
Dark Came Down
No More Girlfriends

Sets vary from 30 - 45 minutes normally. We sometimes cover the Rocky theme music, and we're about to finish work on Survivor by Destiny's Child. It sounds well good.