D. Faulk

D. Faulk


D. Faulk is more than just a singer, but an entertainer. Catering to female audiences between the ages of 16 through 24, although his soulful alto voice resonates with all audiences.


Hailed as one of Chicago's next big stars, Urban/R&B artist D. FAULK has an intense passion for singing. Born Duane Faulkner Jr. to mother, Diane Rush, and father, Duane Faulkner Sr. His father being a noted saxophone player and his mother a noted vocalist, music has been breed into D. FAULK's blood. He began singing at the tender age of six (6), under the direction of his father and other close family members tied to music community, as his grandfather, Otis Rush, the legendary Grammy Award winning blues musician. D. FAULK's musical connections go even further with his uncles, Mike White, current drummer for for the legendary singer Frankie Beverly and Rickey Rush, background vocalist currently for Ginuwine. Impressed with his vocal range and harmonizing ability, his family recognized his unique talent, and had help to nurture and mold his musical gift.

In 2005, D. FAULK's hard work gained him a meeting with Makin Muvez Productions. A noted up and coming production company whos roster of producers have credits with other Chicago artist such as J.L, Bump J. and others. Since then, D. Faulk has been working on his debut album (yet to be titled) under the Double Threat Records imprint. "He has a fire that I have yet to see matched by other up and coming artist, he will definitely be one to watch out for" quoted Mell of Makin Muvez Productions. His motivations include R. Kelly, Usher and other greats such as Ron Isely and Sam Cooke. While D. FAULK has yet to solidify a deal, you can catch him performing in local venues throughout the Chicagoland area.

D. FAULK is a name to remember. As he takes R&B "Back to the Basics" with soulful ballads about the pleasures and pains of relationships.

For booking and all other inquires contact:
Double Threat Managemaent


Ooh We

Written By: Romell Eggleston

Verse One:
When I wake up in the morning
my first thought is I want it
Like a bad habit
or a drug I gotta have it
The thoughts been bugging me
so bad that I can't sleep
And I can't deny
What it is you do to me
Got me calling off from work
about to quit my job
You got the keys the crib
and all the cars
You're the perfect compliment
to why I exist
That thing I can't resist
cause baby its just that

Ooh we
When you do it to me
The way you move it
It's like a movie
Can't deny that Ooh We
When you put it on on
Something it do to me
Girl it's just you got that Ooh We
(repeat 2x)

Verse Two:
Fresh out the shower
I'm ready to dry now
So baby can you please
hand me a towel
All along I've been waiting
to make love to you
I can't wait
to change the scene from the
From the bathroom
to the bed
To the point
I get between your legs
It seems thats all
thats running through my head
Girl I'm so outdone
I want you to have my son
Can't you tell that
I am so sprung on that


In the morning
In the evening
When I'm hitting it
Can't get enough
Of that good ol' stuff
You got that



"Ooh We" 2008
"Chemistry" 2008

Set List

1. D. Faulk's intro
2. Makin' Love
3. Prelude to Ooh We
4. Ooh We
5. Chemistry
6. Special Day

Total Set Time: 30min