The D-Flowers are an original rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their music is a blend of rock, blues and pop featuring big guitar sounds and quintessential rock melodies. Good music delivered by skilled musicians, what more could one ask for?


The DFlowers are a five piece original rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their debut CD SPACE FOR RENT was released in February of 2003. Formed from members of local cover act Mercury Mayhem Band and longtime groove-rock band Rhinocerotic, the D-Flowers set out to create a solid collection of great rock and roll songs and succeeded with honors.

The opening number "Elevate Your Mind" has been featured on Milwaukee radio, as well as "Spaceship Man". "Done with the Blues" ( which took second place at the www.summerfest.com Big Gig Contest ) and "Don't Drive My Car" have earned a place as crowd favorites in the live performances, and "Soul in Love" is the ultimate stadium mood-rock jam. The wide palette of styles guarantees a different favorite song for everyone, but the cohesive "ROCK FACTOR" of the CD holds it all together. We dare you to listen to "Done with the Blues" and not crave roast beef afterwards. Double Dog Dare Ya!

The D-Flowers are also completing work on a follow-up CD which will be entitled "Love, Lies, and Liaisons" and is due out in the spring of 2007! The CD will include all new original music from the D-Flowers.


Released in 2003, D-Flowers "Space For Rent" featuring 15 original songs. Available at CDBaby.com, Tower Records, Best Buy Indie, and numerous online digital download services.

New album due out in 2007 featuring all new music.

Set List

Sets can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on the venue. Usually we prefer to do one or two 90 minute sets.

Original Songs:

Elevate your Mind
My Plan
Done with the Blues
Feel So Alive
One Reality
Here Comes the Storm
Soul in Love
Voices in the Dark
Spaceship Man
Fool Oughta Know
Don't Drive My Car
Head in the Clouds
You Ain't Got Nothing on Me
Love and Medicine
Don't Turn it On
Lord, Lord, Lord
Slow Fade
I Can't Understand You
We Can Be
Hard To Get
'Til The Morning
I'm Leaving
Tumblin' Down
Why Can't We Be Alone

Cover songs could include Led Zeppelin, U2, T Rex,
and others.

Whole Lotta Love, Immigrant Song, Good Times Bad Times, Bullet the Blue Sky, Until the End of the World, 20th Century Boy, Bang a Gong, Don't Believe a Word, plus more!