D. F. Michael

D. F. Michael


Instrumental with the following influences : Smooth Jazz, Dance, Blues


D. F. Michael is a gifted instrumentalist, a talented composer, and a charismatic performer. Through his singular combination of lush atmospheres, singable melodies, and thoughtful improvisations, D. F. Michael has earned the appreciation of a very broad audience that spans anywhere from smooth jazz enthusiasts to pop lovers.

D. F. Michael's latest album, Dances And Walks, a collection of compositions in different styles from the acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, is a worthy and mature successor to D. F. Michael's first album, Just For A Change.

Dances And Walks showcases D. F. Michael's inimitable melodic phrasings on all newly recorded dance, smooth-jazz, blues, and pop-like tunes. The tracks melody is played sometimes by the El. Guitar, sometimes by the Tenor Saxophone, sometimes by the Acoustic Piano, and sometimes by a combination of instruments.

Joining D. F. Michael on Dances And Walks are drummer and long time friend Mimmo Antonini (mimmoantonini.drumplayer.com), bass player Claudio Zanghieri (claudiozanghieri.com), guitar player and co-producer Alex Clementoni. The album is scheduled to be released in the United States around the beginning of November 2006 for the label Shallow Waters Group Records.

Visit also my web site at http://www.dfmichael.com and my Berklee home page at http://go.berkleemusic.com/dfmichael


Dances and Walks (2007)
Just For A Change (1992)

Set List

Our set is usually 10-20 songs and last anywhere from 50 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

We can also split the program in multiple sets.