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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Can A DMV Artist Top 1 Million Albums?"

Got this email and found it interesting:

Let’s help D’General achieve Lil Wayne status by topping 1,000,000+ albums sold.

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Also, check him out on myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/dgeneralmusic

Thanks in advance.


Now, this got me thinking….do you think the DMV will ever have an artist sell a million albums? Let’s change that….will we ever have a RAP artist sell a million albums? Nonchalant went gold back in the day. - DJ Heat of WPGC 95.5

"D'General: Next Up!"

1. How did you get started with music? And who inspired you?

How I get started? I was at school at the lunch table and beat-boxing. It was the
avenue that I wanted to be a part of. My man Ricardo was rapping before and I admired
the respect and love that he was receiving. I was already rapping but after being around
him, it inspired me more to follow my dream.

2. Describe your style of music.

The truth. Cocky/Inspirational. You hear my music and it makes you want to do what I
do. It makes those that are less experienced want to go for what they believe in. My
music is all truth. No lies. And I say Cocky because I am the s**t. I have always been a
competitor. If you think you are hot, I want to try you. Plain and simple.

3. What makes you different than any other artist/producer?

I am a performer. A lot of artists cannot rock a show as I can. A lot of artists stand in
one spot at their show and expect the crowd to enjoy that. With me, I give the fans
their money's worth. They can feel my energy and passion in my music. Not too many
artists can say that.

4. Where do you see yourself in five (5) years?

Whether it is in the real world or rapping, D'General will be financially straight. I can
guarantee you that. But, in the rap world, I am going to be s***ting on every rapper. I
will make it to the top.

5. How can someone get in touch with you?

I can reached on SonicBids, Myspace, Twitter, etc.

- sonicbids.com/dgeneral
- myspace.com/dgeneralmusic
- twitter.com/d_general - Elite iMagazine




- UNSIGNED R&B STARZ VOL. 2 EP (Released August 2009)

- THE CIPHER VOL. 1 EP (Released June 2009)

- SHANNON LP (Released July 2008)

- DJ PRESSURE EP (Released April 2008)

- ONLINE UNDERDOG EP (Released April 2007)

- TORCH LP (Released July 2006)

- DEFINITES 2 EP (Released June 2006)

- G2: THE GRINDIN' GREATS EP (Released April 2006)



D'General is at home when he steps on any stage. He has performed at 100s of venues all across the USA and left his mark at every location. The people chant his name; the crowd gets excited over his songs; and the world loves his charisma.

D'General is a very unique, mature-minded inspiring hip-hop artist. When you first meet him, you don't realize he is only 21 years old. This young artist delivers a rare blend of power, eagerness, and energy. He gives you a performance and his music gives you motivation.

D'General is extremely enthusiastic about taking his musical talents to the next level. He prides himself with the fact that he is eager to take on the hard work that comes from being in the music entertainment industry. Positive thoughts constantly run through his mind to be one of the best performing hip-hop artist.

He is constantly in the studio creating hits. There is no doubt there. D'General is very driven, diverse, relates well with others, and has a willingness to take on any challenge given to him. His versatility and performing experience is what makes him an artist; and, not just a rapper.