DGN was started by Matt Barnes, Chris Bertoldi, and Scott Winfree in 2001. Since then they have put out a few self recorded albums and are in the process of releasing their new E.P., The Getaway EP. Joey Foucha was added on guitar in 2006 and Andrew Melton was added as the lead vocalist in 2007.


What sets DGN apart from other bands is that our music and words can mean something and can be influential to people of all walks of life. Whether you want to just sit back and enjoy some good music or you are searching for something bigger than yourself, you will find it in the words and performance of this band.



Written By: DGN

Not twins but joined at the hip
The essence of a long night and gin on your lips
Gave it all away

The children sing for their fathers
Their fathers speak of days
Before they sold their tomorrow for today’s lost ways

This is a getaway
A head trip to paradise
It’s been a long ride home
This is a getaway
A place where I can rest my head
Someplace this world will never know
This is a getaway

So can you tell me where you’ve been
The stories behind the lies
Another long night and a car ride
And you still have the most beautiful eyes

Another small step, keep your feet movin’
We can take it slow until your used to the music


Welcome To Stockland - 2006
The Getaway EP - 2008

Set List

The Captain
One More Night
The Inside
"Untitled" - no name yet
Chase Down The Sun
1,000 Storms