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Detroit, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE | AFTRA

Detroit, Michigan, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop Indie




"Next To Blow"

I’m DGreenAMonster a Indie Producer from Detroit,MI. I’ve been producing for ten years teaching myself everything on the way. My purpose for doing music is for my beloved cousin. He died in 2009 and it changed my life forever he loved music and he used to record music all the time. I dedicated my music career and life to my cousin RIP Edward Terrell Dover. I started doing music as a hobby and I didn’t take it serious til 2014 when I signed a producer contract with Coast2Coast. I started my own label WhatChaKnow Records,LLC in 2011 and I’ve been expanding my movement and brand to the another level. I produced for a few indie artists from Detroit to Florida to Los Angles to Louisiana to Ohio. And my sound is like no other I’m not trying to sound like anyone but myself. 2020 has started off on a good note so keep an eye out for my next moves without God none of these opportunities would be possible Amen.

Social Media:
Instagram: @dgreenamonster_
Twitter: @dgreenamonster
LinkedIn: @dgreenamonsterondatrack
Soundcloud: @dgreenamonsterondatrack
YouTube: @flatout41
Facebook: @dgreenamonster
Coast2Coastliveshowcase: @dgreenamonster



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What Up Doe! This DGreenAMonster a music producer I’m from Detroit,MI. I used to be known as Black Jewel to Black Banger but a few years ago sitting around the crib with a few people and they help me change my name by adding my middle name LaDonte to my favorite shit green(weed) and we got Donte Green so I added monster on da track with my godson/artist Finesse Da Savage(Free Him) famous “CHING” and here we are to today from taking a hobby to a life style. But I’ve always been around music as a kid my father was in a jazz band that played live sets at Hart Plaza Detroit,MI every summer. My moms used to sing, play the piano and write music she has wrote songs for famous groups who stole her music when she was a kid but she was very talented when it came to music also. So I’ve always had music in my blood I used to play the drums and my father put me in piano classes at 11 but I didn’t take it to serious so I stop because basketball was my first love and music was second. I used to sing in church chorus as a youth and I love soul music, rap, hip hop, jazz, and rnb. So I took a different route with my music career I used to hooped full time and made all state and won a few awards along the way. So from 2009 til present I’ve been teaching myself everything from making beats and mixing and mastering. In 2014 I signed a producer deal with Coast2Coast Mixtape this was big for me because I wasn’t even working with them that long and they offer me big opportunity. I’m still sign to them to this day they support my movement just like my father cuz in 2016 he build me a record booth for my studio so I go hard for my family and the people who really support this brand. Music is life.

My purpose for music was losing my cousin Edward Terrell Dover a few weeks after his birthday 2009 it destroyed me and made me pick up music again because he was rapping and he enjoying it. So dedicated my label WhatChaKnow Records,LLC and started buying equipment for my own studio and taught myself how to do everything and I started from the bottom no handouts. His death lit a fire under me that hasn’t went out since 2009. Since I started this music life style I’ve lost friends and family over it cuz they don’t believe in me or support the movement. I knew this music was serious when I was robbed New Years Eve in 2011 for my equipment. They tried to murdered my lil brother for my equipment and I vow to make whoever did it pay for it with my success. And we going hard for all the non believers and envy people who said I couldn’t do this. It’s been a hard 10 years my parents beat cancer in 2019 so it’s been a hard road for be successful at something I love. Then COVID almost took my wife from me in June so it’s been a journey and I’m blesssed, thankful, humbled, honored, and overwhelmed that I’m still standing but I’m a child of God and I believe things happen for a reason to make us stronger and make us take our lives more serious and be more loving towards others.

I was influenced by this group called De La Soul first hip hop I heard at age 10. My father wouldn’t let me listen to rap because I was a pastors child so I had a strict life as a kid. I didn’t started listen to hardcore rap til my 14 years old from older cousin Chris aka C-Dolla he gave me a tape of NWA and it changed my life. I would like to collaborate with Blade Icewood (RIP), 2Pac (RIP), and my cousin Terrell (RIP). They all inspired me in a different ways but they all had the same story to say and that’s stay down til the come up and don’t let anyone tell you anything isn’t possible. Also, it’s ok to take a few Ls in this game long as you get back up and fight another day.

The current state of hip hop music is at all time high with some many new artists coming out male and females with there own styles. So hip hop music will be around as long as the kids love the music and support the hip hop culture movement.

My current projects right now are a few of my artists dropping projects produced by me. First artist is Jean Poh new mixtape “Fake News” just dropped July 4, 2020. Second, is my artist Link Sinatra dropping his new project
“The HoodProfessional” half Prod by Me drops at the end of September 2020 and my 3rd artist is 2Canes dropping his album “AmpMan” Oct 2020. And from there I have lots of singles and EPs coming from my other artists like H-Block, Skitzo, Sofi Saint, Fetty Official, John Blaze, Chrome Korleone, and St. Thomas. Plus, a few producer beat collaboration with talented producers like
Its Leclerc, John Blaze and Moe Ager (NBA/Grammy Nominated).

My short term goals for next 6-10 months are to continue to network with different people from music and to business opportunities. Continue to help my others make it to the next level. I’m gone continue multitasking and have my hands in a lot different lanes from business moves to publishing deals to owning all my music.

My long term goals for the next 2-5 years are continuing working with artists and helping them get distribution deals and placements. And continue to run my many investments and hopefully have my own prep school in my city in my hood for basketball, music, football, baseball kids who don’t have a chance to play on HS teams. Plus, having a few Gold Plaques in my house and studio while I’m giving back to my community and opening up homeless shelters.

Well I have lots of music out from various artists but right now we are heavy promoting “Water” ft H-Block, “COD” ft St. Thomas & Skitzo, “Fake News” Album ft Jean Poh, “Gas Face” Beat Tape All Produced by Me and “Monster Gang” Mixtape Prod by Me, Rocwitdak, & TommyTraxx. The music is right for anyone who’s going thru people overlooking them and talking down on the less fortunate. So people will and can feel vibe and energy to all the music to continue to strive for greatness no matter what. People gone say what they want so take that energy and turn it into something special.

Well I’m a family man I love my parents and siblings to death plus a few crazy cousins that would kill for me. So I’m big with loyalty and my music and my artists music reflects that. So I won’t pretend to be anything I’m not so what you see and is what you get with me. I’ve been going thru a lot lately with my parents beating cancer the last two years my moms beat breast cancer and my father is beating prostate cancer so they are my motivation. To see them go thru chemotherapy and radiation
was rough and trying time but we made it thru it all. So I’m gone keep it real with my fans and new supporters always.

5 Words to describe my music are 1)Dark, 2)Uplifting, 3)lnspiring, 4)Vibes, and 5)Real

My unique beats dark sound and hard drum style makes me stand out so unique and different. Plus, my artists music are different they dont talk about lean or selling out for money it’s all grind stories, party music, love songs, and making shit happen bangers that the people can get motivated too.

Best advice I can give is to never take no for a answer. Don’t worry about others and what they got going on focus on yours and grind. And always be open to Criticism and don’t take things personal these things will help you along way. Trust me!!

You can check me out on social media sites Twitter: @dgreenamonster
Instagram: @dgreenamonster_
Facebook: @dgreenamonster
LinkedIn: dgreenamonsterondatrack
YouTube: @flatout41
Soundcloud: @dgreenamonsterondatrack
You can find latest and newest music on all digital platforms by this profiles all music I produced
@midwestmonster and @whatchaknowrecordsllc

If I left you out I wasn’t trying to but you know I got love for you and everyone that deals with me and believe in me. We going to the top together. I gotta do this free my Godson Desmond Johnson. And salute to Grimes Magazine for the opportunity to tell my story I’m honored and humbled. - Grimes Magazine

"New Age Zay and Gucci"

A Producer and an Artist can create magic together so here we have a hot and upcoming duo by the names of DGreenAMonster (Producer) and Jean Poh (Artist) from different worlds put together to create something unique and special. They met 10 years ago on Facebook and DGreen came across a music video called “Buzzing” and liked what he heard and contacted Jean Poh. They talked and admired each other’s craft and from that day they been working together. It started with one beat and one song. The relationship grew to the point where DGreen invited Jean over to watch the Super Bowl in 2011 and the bond grew and the vibes were right. Over the years DGreen learned to give his beats away from “Zaytoven” he heard him say give the beats away because it will come back to you especially with serious artists that are working. So that has stuck with him and that’s what makes the relationship easy and things begin to move. The bond and relationship is so strong that Producer DGreen changed his beat tag to Jean Poh voice added with his famous CHING (Free Dezzie Moe).They released singles and a few Mixtapes /Albums for free & paid sites via SoundCloud, iTunes, Datpiff, YouTube, Amazon, Spotify & Audiomack.

Our dream Industry collaboration would be to work with Producer Zaytoven (DGreen)and artist Pop Smoke RIP (Jean Poh). Reason because of the work ethic and we love there sound’s, energy and unique ability to make things happen.

Our goal’s are the same to help other’s while helping ourselves. We believe you have to give to receive and that’s a blessing itself. Becoming Mogul’s and businessmen are the long term goal’s. Being musicians plus being consistent has given us some nice opportunities that we never knew were there. So we are humbled, honored, and grateful.

The motivation for our music is simple we love music and always have and it’s good to release a little stress thru words. Just hearing beats and feeling the vibes takes us to another world. We love being creative and turning our ideas into unique songs. We go hard for our music for ourselves plus those who said we couldn’t just to prove them wrong. So we stay consistent and focus on what we can control.

We describe our music as uplifting, catchy hooks, motivational, real life stories, lot’s of bass, love, life, good vibe’s, street life, and easy going.

We released Mixtape’s and Album’s on all digital platform’s free and paid platform’s. We have TONS of single’s out and here are a few of our project’s we’ve released over the 10 year’s working together: L’Union Fait La Force, Prince Of Haiti, Black Lion, B.O.Y.S, Bags, PTMF, Evolution, Third Eye, Angel Of Royalty, Watch Me Win, Black Vader, Slaves, No Handout’s, Gotta Make It, Fake New’s, and Turning Point. You can get all these projects via SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, google music, Amazon music etc.
Our latest projects just released New EP by DGreen “Turning Point” and New Single’s “Early Morning” & “Zoe Life Or No Life” by Jean Poh. So go stream our music out on all digital platforms we got something for everyone to vibe to.

Our advice for other producers and artist is build those relationships and bonds with those producers and artist. Create a wave and a sound that nobody can say y’all sound like. Relationships between the producer and artist are special especially when you are loyal to each other and support each other. Y’all stay down til y’all come up together, with a sound and style y’all created together now that’s free game check mate.

Follow Us and Our Journey We Won’t Disappoint. - Grimes Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



DGreenAMonster is a Indie Producer from Detroit,MI that founded his Detroit Indie Label WhatChaKnow Records,LLC back in 2010 and started the Monster Gang Music Group in 2020. And my job is to help artists be heard and that’s what we do make sure there music gets out to the world so come listen become a new fan. Monster Gang Music Group

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