El Twanguero Band

El Twanguero Band

 21 Calle Marcelino Álvarez, Madrid, Madrid, ESP

Latino-Twang Sound Pioneer Diego García "El Twanguero"and Latin Grammy winner 2013, is constantly on the move, pursuing a blend between hispanic sounds and american roots.
Introducing his new album "Argentina Songbook" (Warner Music Spain) featuring latino super stars Diego El Cigala, Andrés Calamaro, Bunbury, Fito Paes and Ely Guerra.
El Twanguero generates new guitar standads, consequence of his deep connections to southamerican root music and twang sounds.


Diego Garcia, El Twanguero (Valencia, 1976)

Spanish guitar virtuoso, and songwriter. El Twanguero is internationally renown for his unique Latino-Twang sound, that goes from Southamerican folk, Spanish guitar and Tango, and for his impeccable fingerstyle technique. He has four records so far, and won many awards, including a Goya and a LatinGrammy together with Diego El Cigala.

Diego has played and recorded with Andres Calamaro, Mercedes Sosa, Juan Perro, Diego El Cigala, Fito Paez, Bunbury, Wycleaf Jean, Juanes, Jaime Urrutia, Ely Guerra, Raphael, Mecano, Yerbabuena, Adriana Varela, Diego Torres, and many others. 


When he turned 6, he entered the Conservatory of Valencia and become a student of Andres Segovia.  At 15, being pioneer of  Western-Swing and Ragtime in Spain, he wins Best Instrumentalist Award in the Black Note Valencia.

Octopus & Twanguero

In 2005 and 2008, he rolls out his first and second album, Octopus and Twanguero (Sello Autor). Both albums presented in Madrid, New York, and Buenos Aires, getting outstanding press reviews.

Goya awards 2010

In 2009, he writes part of the Buried original sountrack, a movie by Spanish Director, Rodrigo Cortes. Diego wins a Goya Statue for this work in 2010.

The Brooklyn Session

Living in New York, in only one day, he records and mixes his third album, The Brooklyn Session and gets glowing reviews worldwide reaching for Best Spanish Albums category in Reves. The album is presented in Spain, USA, Mexico, Buenos Aires Jazz Festival, La Plata, Argentina, etc.

In 2010 he is called by producer Andres Levin to be a part of the Brooklyn Summer Festival.


In October 2012, his contribution of an electric guitar, mixed with the flamenco music, becomes a trademark as he becomes a guest artist for the cantaor Diego El Cigala Tour. Garcia is praised by press for his participation.

Latin Grammy 2013

In April 2013, Romance de la Luna Tucumana record is released having El Twanguero as a co-star. He obtained a Latin Grammy for his work as a co-producer together with Diego El Cigala.

Argentina Songbook (Warner Music)

Settled in Buenos Aires, records his revolutionary last album, in which, under the influence of electric twang, transforms melodies of Argentinean tango, rock and folklore. Feauturing latino super stars Enrique Bunbury, Diego El Cigala, Andres Calamaro, Ely Guerra and Fito Paez.

Acclaimed by journalists, the album was  released in December 2013 and presented in several countries around the world.

Twanguero - the documentary

The whole  process in Buenos Aires was filmed by argentinean Director Javier Pistani, who in 2014 launched the documentary in several Film Festivals around the world.

El Twanguero composed sountracks for movies, and played one of them live at the Festival de Cine de Mar del Plata 2012.

Carreteras Secundarias / Secondary Roads

Diegos last record, expected for November 2014.


2005 Octopus
2008 Twanguero
2010 Brooklyn Session (Hall of Fame)
2013 Argentina Songbook (Warner Music Spain)

Set List

Shows are 90 minutes long:

- Violentango

- La Pulpera

- El dia que me quieras

- Guitarra Dimelo Tu

- Durazno Sangrando

- Naranjo en Flor

- Ojos de Videotape

- Me voy quedando

- A fuego Lento


-Jerry B

-Latino Twang 

-Boogie Man

-Argentine Rock Medley

-Hound dog


-Fretting Fingers