"Rich, penetrating vocals with irresistible hooks, such as in Goodbye, so long & Not the only one, command immediate attention and listening pleasure. Christelle is a natural talent with a musical gift that will age like wine."


Christelle Radomsky is yet another Winnipeg contribution to the Canadian music scene. A singer, songwriter and musician, Christelle has performed with Winnipeg's top entertainers from Ron Paley to the Boogie Knights Band. Her amazing voice boasts a rare combination of heart stirring soulfulness, breathtaking clarity and bone chilling power. She has to be heard to be believed.

Christelle's original songs range from straight ahead pop/rock tunes to soulful ballads featuring honest lyrics, catchy melodies and soaring harmonies. Her growing fan base in Winnipeg throw out comparisons to Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge and Michelle Branch.

Christelle cut her teeth playing bass and drums in high school rock bands, then apprenticed as a lead singer with Country and Western, Top-40 and Disco bands before emerging with her own original songs. As a change of pace, Christelle also enjoys playing acoustic sets in coffee houses and lounges with a duo partner.

Equally comfortable before crowds of 50 or 5,000, Christelle has performed at Winnipeg's most popular venues including the Boogie Knights Cabaret(now Cowboy's), Palamino Club, Pockets Bar and Grill and the Pony Coral. As well, Christelle has performed across Western Canada for world class corporate events including the Olympic Curling Trials and the Briar.

Christelle has recently received a demo grant from FACTOR and attended the 2005 Juno Awards telecast as well as the gala dinner and other Juno festivities like the Songwritter's Circle.

Christelle is currently writting and recording her first CD which is due for release later this year.

Contact information: Christel Radomsky,(204) 889-4413
E-Mail: Christelsings@shaw.ca


Goodbye, so long

Written By: Christel Radomsky

How many times will you keep fallin'
How many times will I keep catching tears from your eyes
I wish that you would just stop talking
The words you say will only ease my tempered

Gooddbye, so long
Don't act like you've done nothing wrong
I know, you'll say you've got nowhere to go
Bye, bye, I won't waste another try on you

How many times will you keep calling
I've finally realised your goal is to make me insane
Your foul moods come without warning
This time I've had enough and I don't wanna take it anymore


Something's coming over me
Something I can hardly see
Here something comes to clear my head
Another day, of all the things you've done to make me say


Life is strong

Written By: Christel Radomsky

I've been accused of certain things
I can't escape with broken wings
I should' have let my feelings show
But I never wanted you to know

I never thought I'd chose to be
All the things I never wanted you to see
There's so much more I need to be

I don't know what to do
I've watched the scenery changing right in front of me
Hide your heart
Here comes the painful part

Now that my life has just begun
I'm not alone with anyone
I'll no longer be ashamed
Or all the mistakes I know I've made


Life is strong

Not the only one

Written By: Christel Radomsky

How can you say, they'd be better off that way, without you being there
I always knew, that your dreams would all come true
As long as you still cared

You still call me on the phone
To tell me you're too scared to be alone

So what ever made you decide your life's not meaningful
Who ever made you believe that you're not beautiful
Why do you live with the pain you took from everyone
What will it take you to see you're not the only one

Why won't you try, you just watch life pass you by,I wish I could explain
You're giving in, how can you expect to win, if you won't make a change

I used to stop and wonder why
It hurt my head so bad I had to cry


I've watched you lose your faith so many times
I wanna make things better
In times like these the words are hard to find


Nothing to show

Written By: Christelle Radomsky

I would have walked with you anytime you would have asked
But you wouldn't notice me , I'm just someone you'd look past
You couldn't bother, cause I wasn't part of your crowd
Cause I was just someone, someone you'd laugh at out loud

Now that I'm older I'm wiser than you'll ever know
Cast all your stones and now your left with nothing to show

And if you could see, all the hurt inside of me
Would it ever change your mind

When I'd come over, you'd turn and you'd walk away
You'd leave me standing there, lonely with nothing to say
Your reputation, was not worth the sum of your heart
You faught with your ego, and all these things kept us appart

Looking back now I can see I was wasting my time
Stood in your shadow but this time it's my turn to shine


Had to hold on, now my waiting's over



Written By: Christelle Radomsky

If I tried, to tell you and explain
Would it just stay the same
Would it even matter, would you try to change
To the man that I once knew
Would you always tell the truth
Would you be my protector
In all that we'll go through

Cause I can't stop the rain from falling down
And I can't stop the pain when you're around
Every single day I curse your name
I was foolish to think you'd change

If you knew, the heartache I've been through
Cause everything you do
Is always complicated, it's always about you
And those two little girls, should be the center of your world
You call yourself their father, to them it's just another word


Do you feel ashamed
When your daughters call you by your first name
But it's not your fault
And you'll just find someone else to blame

It's been years, a thousand night's of tears
I'm throwing away my fears, my fears
Cause it just ain't worth my time anymore

Chorus end

Set List

A typical show consists of a 45 to 90 minute set of original songs:

- Goodbye, so long
- Life is strong
- Not the only one
- Nothing to show
- Always listen inside (tell me why)
- Foolish
- If I'd never tried
- Let me stay
- Too much to ask for
- Voice of comfort
- Hangin' on
- Won't you come home
- The pieces that fall
- Dear Jessica
- Undecided
- She's everything

Extended sets also include our favorite cover songs to demonstrate the bands ability and versatility. Ex:

- Heartless Heart
- Tempted The Squeeze
- ABC The Jackson 5
- Nothing compare's to you Sinead O'Connor
- What I am Edie Brickell
- Like the way I do Melissa Etheridge
- Tell me something good Shakka Khan