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"NPR Great Unknown Artists"

http://www.npr.org/programs/asc/openmic/index.php?episode=100 - NPR


D'Haene merges soulful, lived-in vocals with funky guitar and hard rock riffs. In spite of a '70s classic rock influence, the mixing of genres and the wry, intelligent lyrics make the disc sound modern.

One minute you'll be reminded of Randy Newman, the next of Blue Oyster Cult, then you're grooving to some funk-jam band at a hygiene-deficient festival in upstate New York. Sometimes these shifts occur within a single song. "Feelin' Human," which, at just over five minutes, is of average length for this CD, is a mini-sonata, something like the early Who or Elton John might have done.
- Jon Sobel.com

"" This is rock and roll with some damn meat to it""

"Vinyl" is D'Haene's latest high energy offering. It's rock music with peaks and valleys in all the right places. We love it when a song keeps us guessing as to what's comming up the next 16 bars. We would pass out from the effort of trying to predict which cords or drum cadences would emerge. This groups talent for arrangement is awesome.

On songs like 'Another Like You' and 'Brand New Threads' the riffs and tempo changes outshine the lyrics just a tad bit. The vocals on 'I'll Be Your Man' and 'This Dog Won't Hurt' are delivered with soulful candor and fit smoothly into the composition of the tracks. This band has a very rich and mature set of skills with a sound that conveys musical inspiration across several genres and time periods. This is rock and roll with some damn meat to it. Everyone should know about them. - Unsigned The Magazine

""Slipped through major label Radar""

Upon first listen of Vinyl my first impression was hey there's some great riffs going on here. Which loosely translated means this is a rock n roll album. There is an impressive range of styles and influences going on here. When I listen to the range of this one and the quality of musicianship, it kinda makes me wonder how this band has slipped through the major label radar. I guess they're focusing on bands that sound like Coldplay. Keep an eye out for Vinyl when it comes out. I think we're going to be hearing more about this band in the future. - Good Rockin' Tonight. (Blog)

"This is one of those bands that can do anything"

Falling somewhere between Faith No More’s Angel Dust and Fishbone’s Truth And Soul, D’Haene’s Vinyl is an energizing listen. Furnished with both hard rock riffs and soulful grooves, this New York band’s sophomore album is single-handedly leading the charge that could very well bring alternative funk back into the fickle waters of the mainstream.
Singer Bob D’Haene has all the muscle and range of Mike Patton or Living Color’s Corey Glover, making numbers like “Another Like You” and “Hallelujah” all the more striking. But groovy athleticism aside, Vinyl is more than just a brawny excursion through funky terrain—it’s a varied collection of heartfelt soul (“Took Me So Long”), smooth and swaying blues (“This Dog Won’t Hurt” and “I’ll Be Your Man”), swinging jazz (“Playin’ It Cool”) and searing hard rock (“My Woman”). This is one of those bands that can do anything—they’re versatile, improvisational and ultimately satisfying.

--Alex Green
- Caught in the Carousel

""..set of solid songs and ace playing..""

D'Haene's new disc is spring-loaded with hard-locked rhythms, chunky guitar riffing, and metalized melodies sung with a bluesy, soulful inflection. If, vocally, D'Haene tends to be a touch more convincing on more easy-going fare ("Took Me So Long"), that's because of the soulful quality that defines his vocal style.

One of the CD's best points is the way many of the songs surprise you with unexpected bridges and codas, as in "Wouldn't You Like To Know," or with varied flavors like the Latin opening of "Brand New Threads!" The impeccable musicianship and harmony vocals are also a pleasure throughout. The soul influence becomes explicit with the nodding triplets and organ bed of "I'll Be Your Man," though D'Haene's characteristic guitar buzz remains, maintaining consistency with the disk's overall feel. The same thing happens in the jazzy underpinning of "Playin' It Cool," complete with muted trumpet.

Bookended by the hard-rocking "Another Like You" and "My Woman," this set of solid songs and ace playing is worthy listen. - BlogCritics Magazine

""Something Fresh & New" 06/09"

Rock music has come in many different forms and shapes over the years creating sub-genres of the music from emo to punk to hard rock to metal and so forth and so on. So what exactly is rock music? Some will argue that the 70's classic rock music that fused blues together with shredding guitar riffs and a whole lot of substance is the last time we heard great rock music and for those folks I would like to introduce you to D'Haene. The New York City based band gained attention with their debut album "Brother Man" and since then they have been bringing their brand of 70's influenced alternative rock to anyone that would listen. With their latest effort "Vinyl," they continue along the path they set out on as the great guitar riffs are instantly recognizable as they bring you into album opener "Another Like You." The vocals are reminiscent of countless bands that came through the alternative rock era of the 90's and the combination of eras makes for an interesting and somewhat unique sound. The guitars that initially grab you are present throughout the album as you press forward with tracks like "Wouldn't You Like To Know" and "My Woman." Don't be surprised when the bass lines have you dancing and swaying right along with a majority of this album either. The fusing of influences and variety of rock styles on "Vinyl" combine to give the listener something fun that is familiar to the classic rock sound they know and love but at the same time it is something fresh and new. - Guestlist Magazine

"" slowly restoring my faith in modern rock""

D’Haene’s latest release entitle Vinyl is such a great mix of rock and soul. I would almost venture to say that it’s more of a soul sound with a mix of rock at times. Vinyl makes me wish there were more band out there that made music like this. It’s a mixing pot of late 60’s and 70’s soul, jazz and rock but modern enough to make it as relevant as any other album being released.

I’ve had this album in my possession for a couple of weeks now and I started listening late one day but didn’t get through the opening track before getting side-tracked by something else. Today I went to search on my iPod for Derek Jordan and I saw “D’Haene” and something sparked in my mind, so I gave it a spin and it made my day so much better. D’Haene have been added to my list of bands that are slowly restoring my faith in modern rock.
- The Rock Dose 04/09

""Southern Rock, Blues and Soul into a delectable sonic package.""

D’Haene is a New York City based quintet that combines 1970’s classic rock with the Alternative Rock style that arose once Grunge died down in the 1990’s.
Vinyl is a blue collar Rock N Roll album mixing elements of Southern Rock, Blues and Soul into a delectable sonic package. Bob D'Haene has crafts songs that inspire the listener to sing along, full of big majestic guitar sound and a muted grittiness that gets under your skin. Vinyl opens with Another Like You, accented by dark harmonies around a strong, clear melody line. This is a great opening salvo. Wouldn't You Like To Know is danceable Rock N Roll with blues in its genes; party music with some great guitar work. Took Me So Long brings out the more soulful side of D'Haene. It's not my personal favorite song on the disc but is perhaps the most commercial offering here.

D'Haene brings back the danceable Rock with Brand New Threads!, starting with a Latin rhythm that morphs into a Rock N Soul number with a vibrant chorus. This is a definite potential concert favorite. This Dog Won't Hunt goes back to the Southern Rock well with backing vocals inspired by Gospel music. Blues and Soul mix in for a sonically pleasing experience. Be sure also to check out the highly melodic I'll Be Your Man, and My Woman, which is far and away the best song on the disc. D'Haene walks a line between The Black Crowes and Led Zeppelin here, with a bit of Rolling Stones oomph thrown in.

D'Haene has a sound that would be equally fun in a small concert hall or a big stage. The blue collar bar band feel to the record is a temporary experience, because Bob D'Haene has a knack for crafting big rock songs with pop hooks that won't quite let the listener go. I don't know how successful D'Haene will be in getting radio play, as their sound isn't the flavor of the month, but if you just want a good stretch of Rock N Roll you can get up and move to or stay comfy and groove to, then D'Haene's Vinyl is what you're jonesing for.
- Wildy's World

"D’Haene has a solid sound unlike anything I’ve heard in a long time."

D’Haene is a good band, on their own terms. With very soulful lyrics, and a delivery to match, and a full jazzy sound, you really fall in to their sound. The music shows influences from as far and wide as the 70s rock, jazz and even giving some quick nods to the sound of the islands, its plain out fun music.
D’Haene have their own merits as an act, and as individual musicians, (with some of the sickest breakdowns I’ve heard in a long time).......D’Haene has a solid sound unlike anything I’ve heard in a long time.......TJ Olsen - Northeast In-tune.com


D'Haene's new record, Vinyl, coming out in early '09!

Brother Man (05)




D’Haene (pronounced: D’Hain) is an NYC based rock band formed in ’03. Their first record, “Brother man”, was released in ’05. It was met with great reviews, plenty of college radio airplay and a trip to the “First Annual James Brown Festival”. NPR listed them as one of their “Great Unknown Artists”.

Their follow up entitled "Vinyl" will be released in early '09!

Songwriter Bob D'Haene (vocals, rhythm & lead guitar) writes songs influenced by classic 70's soul, standard American blues and 90's alternative rock. Backing D'Haene and bringing his lyrics the weight they deserve are Riley McMahon (lead, rhythm guitars, lap steel), Rick Guetschow (bass), Sammy K (drums and percussion) along with Tim McCracken (Keyboard & Background Vox)

What's been said:
"D’Haene have been added to my list of bands that are slowly restoring my faith in modern rock." Rockdose.

"I think we're going to be hearing more about this band in the future." Good Rockin Blog

"This is rock and roll with some damn meat to it. Everyone should know about them." Unsigned the Magazine