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"Local Rocker wins VH1 songwriting contest"

It's a tough business to break into, says Dhani Marshall, vut he's prepared to give it 100 percent. The local musician is hoping that with his "Dandelion" being named the July 2005 VH1 Song of the Year winner for rock, it will jumpstart his career. Marshall is already working with famed producer Mark Berry, who has worked with the likes of David Bowie and Duran Duran. He describes his music as "80s rock with a modern twist". Marshall was invied by Berry to go to Toronto to record an EP in May. The five songs were recorded in July and August. "I was floored when (Berry) called", he recalls. Marshall entered the VH1 contest through Berry's website some time ago and actually had forgotten about it until the producer called. But with that one phone call, Marshall decided to rededicate himself to music. "I was great, I've been in a studio before, but never of the professional level that it was in Toronto," says Marshall, "We worked really hard on every note." Marshall has been entering the VH1 Song of the Year contest for years, and finally received a first place finish in July. He'll now compete against 11 others in the rock category for a chance to have BMG review his music. As the monthly winner, his songs were forwarded to record lables, publishers, producers, managers, and other influential individuals in the music industry for review. "These are the most personal songs I've ever written. They came right from the heart. I'm so proud of these songs," he says about the five songs on the EP, including "Dandelion". Feedback he has received about two of his songs have been very positive. "Your lyrics (for the song Time Machine) are sensual and extremely well worded with a magnificant flow," wrote one critic. "Your vocals have a unique sound that is very original." For Sun Spots, another critic wrote, "This is a great song. Your vocals have a strong emotional character and the harmonies soar." Marshall's EP is scheduled to be released March of 2006. For more information and to hear Marshall's music, please visit www.myspace.com/dhanimarshall. - LaSalle Post

"Local songwriter wins internet contest"

Dhani Marshall took his first name form the Hindu work for "man on a journey." That journey he hopes, ends with his song, Dandelion, hitting international music charts. The 35 year old DaimlerChrysler line worker won the rock category in July's Internet based Song of the Year contest. His song has been passed on to music publishers. Dandelion also qualifies for Song of the Year, to be determined in January, which could mean thousands of dollars worth prize money, equipment and media attention for Marshall. The LaSalle resident and former bar band member grew up in east Windsor. He changed his given name from Daniel to Dhani after the son of Gearge Harrison, one of his idols. Two of Marshall's uncles, Bill and Al Marshall, were big band musicians in the 1950s. Another uncle, Harry , was a prominent boxer who formed Windsor Boxing Club. "I think I was also expected to be an athelete," said the slightly built Marshall. What he ended up being is a musician with a fighting spirit. Marhall has just finished work on an independent mini-album, also titiled Dandelion, which Universal Music Canada will ditribute later this year. It was produced by Toronto-based Mark Berry, who has worked with I Mother Earth and The Killjoys. For more about Marshall and to listen to his music, go to www.myspace.com/dhanimarshall. - Windsor Star


His Debut EP "Dandelion" will be released February 28th 2006 and distributed by Universal Music.(umusic.com ). The first single and title track is currently getting airplay in Windsor/Chatam at 95.1 The Rock and 96.1 The Rush and CHON-FM in Whitehorse,..."I love The Yukon"! And his single "Dandelion" has been sent by DMDS across Canada. "This is just the beginning of the journey!"



Dhani Marshall's new EP "Dandelion" was lyrically inspired by the beauty and tragedy he sees in the world and musically inspired by 80's rock and modern powerpop.

A dandelion to a child is a beautiful flower, but to an adult it is a hideous weed, "the world is how you choose to percieve it!"

Dhani Marshall has opened up for such acts as Skid Row and The Posies. His new EP is his first solo effort and will be distributed February 28th 2006 by Universal Music Canada.

This EP was produced by multi platinum award winning producer Mark Berry, whom has worked for such artists as David Bowie, Duran Duran and I Mother Earth, to name a few. Recorded and engineered at Zolis Audio in Toronto, Canada by Jim Zolis whose cliental includes Glass Tiger, Celine Dion and The Northern Pikes.

In July of 2005 Dhani was a "Song of the Year" winner! His song "Dandelion" won first place in the rock category( www.songoftheyear.com). And recently signed a licensing deal with MTV Networks. Dhani is also published by Cherry Lane Publishing whom publishes The Black Eyed Peas, Jimmy Eat World and Lifehouse.

Here is what the professionals are saying....
An entertainment journalist wrote,"your lyrics (in Time Machine) are sensual and extremely well worded with a magnificent flow. Your vocals have a unique sound that is very original"....
For his song Sun Spots, a Media Market Analyst wrote, " this is a great song! Your vocals have a strong emotional character and the harmonies soar." To hear Time machine and Sun spots goto www.myspace.com/dhanimarshall

He is currently woking ( actually its working,type o, but isn't that funny...no disrespect) out a deal with EMI Asia!

CONTACT INFO: Dhani Marshall
1745 Golfview Dr.
Lasalle, Ontario, CANADA
N9J 1Z1
(519) 978-0704

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