Dharma Heart Band

Dharma Heart Band

 Seattle, Washington, USA
BandJazzNew Age

Lush electronic keyboards that soothe the mind and spirit. Original compositions create ambient textures and sensual landscapes of sound.


Frank Poloney:
A long and varied path led Frank to create the Dharma Heart Band in 2007. He grew up listening to jazz and popular music of the sixties, like soul, motown, rock, and blues. After learning to play guitar in high school, he began studying flute and saxophone. At university, Frank studied classical flute, piano, world music, and electronic music, becoming an accomplished composer. He later also studied film scoring and has written music for infomercials. He played tenor sax in a variety of jazz, rock, and blues bands before turning exclusively to keyboards. In addition to performing with Dharma Heart Band, Frank plays jazz keyboards with other bands in Seattle.

Frank has bachelors and masters degrees in music, studied electronics and visual arts, and worked as a sound engineer. In 1999, he and Colin Davey coauthored Learn Boogie Woogie Piano, a unique and comprehensive boogie woogie method book that has sold in countries around the world. Besides music, Frank's other interests include technical writing, martial arts, Buddhism, and walking outside in the fresh air.

Stephanie M Johnson:
As a child, Stephanie studied violin and piano, planting the seeds for a wonderful talent to emerge after a long hiatus. About 10 years ago, she resumed playing the piano, studying harmony. and composing and improvising at the piano. She enjoys jazz, classical music, grunge, blues, world beat, and folk music.

In 2007, she and her husband visited Iceland, the home of her paternal grandparents (her grandmother Jakobina Johnson was a famous poet and translater in her time). As an Icelandic-American, she is inspired by the Icelandic music scene and feels its unique qualities expressed in her own music.

She has a bachelors degree in anthropology and a masters degree in public policy. Besides music, Stephanie enjoys jewelry making, visual arts, and film.

Today Frank and Stephanie live happily together in Seattle, Washington.


Lavender Mood. Released in 2009.

Set List

Our typical set list is 6-7 songs per set. We typically play two sets, and each set is about one hour.
Our original songs are:
* Lavender Mood
* Dreaming
* Ottatto
* Rain
* Sunrise
* Initiation
* Tear of the Clouds
* Under the Hand
* Recollections
* What If?
* First Steps
* Kalima
* Araiza's Song
* For Ruth
* Celestial Cycle
* Rainbow Raga

We are just starting to integrate covers into our program. These currently are:
* Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
* Dark Star
* Little Sunflower
* Suzanne
* El Condor Pasa