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Be the Change that you Want to See. That girl. She's got Some Dream. Homegrown in Bucks County, PA, arianne can be found Rollin' out the Rock...Ever the more enticing-LIVE-with her siren song vocals and mantrarythmic guitar rants...ahh, the Makings of a Daydream...the debut album...


Arianné, singer and songwriter from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has been playing at venues throughout the Lehigh Valley, Northampton, Bucks, Hunterdon, and Montgomery counties since 2002. A dreamer, an idealist, a philosopher and poet, always seeking that figurative pot of gold somewhere over the rainbow, she's found there's "No place like home" when the spirit of heart and soul is transmuted into song. Performing an eclectic repertoire from classic rock to folk, she can be found solo, a la the lil' lady herself, carrying her own, or spontaneously bustin' a groove, with the fella's...the most fine Nick Roberti on bass and Mike Fritz on lead guitar, as her incarnation, of, 'the Band'...
here's to groovy vibes...
rockin' it with
Dharma's Kindness


I Have a Dream

Written By: arianne rox

I Had a Dream
That someday
We'd all live in peace
In freedom
A World where no one
Is in need

Oh, I had a dream
That we'd all take back
Our Responsibility
To Ourselves
To Our Earth
And all it's creatures-yeah

We the People
We are one
And in order to form
A more perfect union
With Liberty
And Justice for all
With sacred honor
Live within the Law

The divine law
Rise up in kindness
The righteous law
The right's our creator gave us
Independent and Free
Without Tyranny
I Have a Dream


the Makings of a Daydream

Rock Your World
Something Like Love
I Wanna Be Like You
All In Blind
It's Not Too Late
Lullaby de la Lucia
White Magic Woman
Free to Keep With the Program
I Have a Dream

Set List

Everything from Covers to Originals...
Classic Rock to Folk...Rolling Stones; Sympathy for the Devil * Play With Fire* Wild Horses * Ruby Tuesday * Dead Flowers * Van Morrison; Tupelo Honey * And It Stoned Me * Brown Eyed Girl * Wild Night * Eagles; Take It Easy * Desperado * Hotel California * Peaceful Easy Feelin' * Lynard Skynard; Sweet Home Alabama * Tuesdays Gone * Freebird * Creedence Clearwater Revival; Bad Moon Rising * Fortunate Son * Crosby Still Nash and Young; Teach Your Children Well * Southern Cross * Through My Sails * Pink Floyd; Take It Back * Fat Old Sun * Green Is The Color * Mother * Wish You Were Here * On The Turning Away * Steve Miller; The Joker * Dance Dance Dance * Neil Young; Southern Man * Helpless * Ohio * Rockin In The Free World * Roll Another Number for The Road * Long May You Run * Lookin For A Love * Good To See You * Old Man * Silver and Gold * JohnLennon; Borrowed Time * Lennon/McCartney; Hide Your Love Away * With A Little Help From My Friends * Le