David Hasselhoff On Acid

David Hasselhoff On Acid

 Kansas City, Kansas, USA

David Hasselhoff On Acid are an instrumental fusion of Progressive Rock, Hardcore, Metal, and Funk that demands and rewards attention.


With influences from the likes of The Mars Volta, Radiohead, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Animals As Leaders, Primus and everything in between, David Hasselhoff On Acid bring a destructive, psychedelic blend of Progressive Rock, Hardcore, Metal, and Funk that will capture the attention of even the most skeptical of listeners.

"The name alone sold me - I had to see what sounds were attached to such a title. To be blunt, watching this group in action, it was as if James Hetfield befriended Trey Anastasio in 1983 instead of Lars Ulrich. Thrash-metal-dub-jam was my best guess as trying to describe the incendiary rhythm being belted out by this no-name band. We all agreed it really would be the soundtrack if were were watching, or were, David Hasselhoff On Acid."
-[Garret Woodward - 'State Of Mind Music'] Review of DHOA's set at Wakarusa, 2009.

Having shared the stage with numerous national acts such as Animals As Leaders (Prosthetic Records), Dead Letter Circus (Warner Music), Scale The Summit, Dysrhythmia, & Elixir On Mute, DHOA have been gaining an impressive following in their hometown of Kansas City and surrounding areas, as well as touring in Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, & Iowa.

DHOA released their second full length album "Eudaimonia" in Summer 2013. Pick it up at dhoa.bandcamp.com!

"Their barnstorming sound threw a melodic grenade into the overflowing crowd. The best we can do is grab onto something nailed to the floor and hang on for mercy while they take us for a ride."
-[Roving Festival Writer - 'therfw.com']

"by the time the closing number, 'When The Sky Swallows Her Children,'
is allowed to reach the pinnacle of it's prog-funk grandiosity, the listener has
truly been swept into what can only be described as a journey."
-[Nick Spacek - Pitch Magazine] - Review of DHOA's debut full length, "Feast Of The Horse People"