Dhoad Gypsies from Rajasthan
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Dhoad Gypsies from Rajasthan

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"Dhoad Gypsies"

Rajastan's colourful explosion of music, dance and spectacle caught Elisavet Sotiriadou's eyes and ears - FRoots, nov/dec 2009


Dhoad Gypsies from Rajasthan, ARC MUSIC , 2005




belongs to indian tradittional family of musicians caste from Rajasthan.
Rahis Bharti (28 years old), Artistic Director and musician of great
talent,is Dhoad's leader. He also boasts a well-established international
reputation,and has captivated audiences world wide. He has played
with musicians the likes Mario tronco of Avion travel musicians from
world wide like (Cubains,Africans, tunisiens, americans, italiens) and
part of the International Orchestra Di Piazza Vittorio in Itlay and
featured in the film orchestra di piazza vittorio which got lots of sucess in Italy, Esma Redzepova
Queen of Macedonia, Flamenco en Route From Spain, Sassa from Swiss, Carmin
Belgodere(groupe Cinqui So Corse), Canta u Populu Corsu,
About the group
It is in the wild and magnificent Thar desert in the north-western Indian province of Rajhastan -
the land which inspired the Maharajas to build their sumptuous palaces reminiscent of a ?
thousand and one nights - that the Dhoad family ancestry is rooted. The original land of gypsies,
numerous troubadours and wandering musicians who went from town to town entertaining
princes and their courtiers.
It is a land of ancient music and spiritual tradition, the birthplace of a wealth of cultural
traditions and know-how which have been passed down through the ages, from generation to
generation, by poets, musicians, dancers and fakirs. The heritage they have bequeathed is
spiritual, artistic and musical, and has inspired a way of life in which love, happiness, suffering
and death are all expressed through song?
The music of DHOAD is a music of ecstasy, of majestic climaxes, punctuated by the gentle
gestures of breathtaking tunes. An authentic and magical experience. DHOAD brings to life the
passion and epic heroism of their forefathers, and their harmonies transform the monotony of
everyday life with the enchanting sounds of the desert.
Close your eyes, and let the hypnotic rhythm of this exceptional group of musicians evoke the
spirit of these mystical lands.
DHOAD brings together several talented musicians, all Rajasthani, but from different
communities, religions (muslim and hindu), and different artistic castes; they comprise the
sapera-kalbelya ('fakirs', dancers, and snake charmers), the langas (poets), the manganyar
(troubadours) and musicians.
Together, these artists create an atmosphere of magical enchantment, an extravaganza of sound
expressed through a whirlwind of glittering, shimmering colours and dance...
Dhoad has played at
World music Festival - Chicago, Lotus world music Festival - Bloomington, Small
World Music Festival - Toronto, Sunfest Festival - Ontario, Womad Festival, Jeux
Olympiques d'Athènes 2004, Festival Nuits Atypiques de Langon, Festival du Bout du
Monde, Festival d'Ile de France, Scène nationale "l'Hexagone", Cabaret sauvage - Paris,
Festival de l'Abbaye de Sylvanès, Paleo Festival à Nyon - Suisse, Interrnational
Junction Festival - Irlande, Ethno Tempo Festival - Italie, Pirineos Sur Festival -
Espagne, Amsterdam Roots Festival - Hollande, Massala Festival - Allemagne, ...