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The best kept secret in music


"Review 1"

Metal Express: Small Talk/I'm The Snake

This is the latest demo by this Norwegian Hard Rock/Punk/Pop/Grunge/Metal act, and it definitely shows that the band has some true potential. The demo consists of two songs, namely “Small Talk” and “I’m the Snake” (as probably the observant reader would have understood already).

“Small Talk” is a rather aggressive, Punk-kinda track with lots of very good guitars. The way Stig Rolfsen (who, by the way, is no longer in the band and has been replaced by Kjell Åge Hartveidt Karlsen) incorporates effects in certain parts (like the arpeggios at 1:40) is awesome, and the upfront, thumping bass from the very talented Morten Granheim is also impressive. This track shows the angrier side of singer Beathe Sanden, and her voice suits the music very well both on this track and during the calmer and more pop-ish “I’m the Snake,” both, of which, are penned by Sanden.

“I’m the Snake” showcases the atmospheric side of the band, with dreamy chords and vocals, but still the chorus is uptempo and melodic with a great, choppy rhythm and some nice, spicy drumming from Tarald Lie. The guitar work is once again great, and it’s pretty evident that the band has put quite some effort into arranging the material.

Although this isn’t very much music to judge from the band, they do seem very promising indeed, and could very well have a bright future in the spotlight someday.

Torgeir Krokfjord
- www.metalexpressradio.com

"Review 2"

DIABLA - SMALL TALK/I'M THE SNAKE (B) indie, 2003 - 2 tracks, RT: 7:21

Now here's an interesting band, featuring vocalist Beathe Sanden, guitarist Stig Rolfsen, bassist Morten Granheim, and drummer Tarald Lie (along with a couple guest keyboardists). They contacted me out of the blue and sent this promo two-track single along with an oversized (and humorous) comic book-styled press kit/bio. "Small Talk" is rollicking blend of Shotgun Messiah's first two albums (Sanden's delivery is eerily close to Shotgun's Tim Skold in a few places), some snotty attitude a la the Ramones, and the hooks of good, old 1970s Kiss. "I'm The Snake" starts off sounding like a completely different band, what with a church organ intro that segues into kind of a smooth, SYNCHRONICITY-era Police vibe with a confident build. It becomes a slick, catchy mid-tempo driver with sharp soloing from Rolfsen, and easy, sing-song vocals from Ms. Sanden. Eclectic, to say the least. - Tim Wadzinski

Detritus Rock/Metal e-zine - "Rock Hard With A Purpose" http://groups.yahoo.com/group/detritus/
- Detritus Rock/Metal e-zine - "Rock Hard With A Purpose"

"Review 3"

Garbage Dump Webzine:

DIABLA "Small Talk/I'm the Snake"

This Norwegian band has a lot of money to spend on promotion: they have sent me a CD single coming with a glossy magazine that has the function of a biography... cool! The two songs here have got a very neat and good production. "Small talk" is a potent hard punk number, and the female vocals are angry enough to make it stand along the line of other Norwegian bands we all love, like TURBONEGRO. The second song is more poppy and relaxed, kind of pop-metal inbreeding with Top of the Pops kinda stuff. Two songs are really not enough to judge a band, but I have to say I was pleased with what I heard. Now, we are waiting for DIABLA full-length to discover if they really get it.

http://www.webalice.it/monkeyrock/recordreviews24.htm - Garbage Dump Webzine

"Review 4"

DIABLA: "Small Talk / I’m The Snake" - Indie 2004 - Review by Jorge Antonaya, 9 June 2004

One of the (many) pleasant surprises I got while in Norway on late March was to know the guys and girl of Diabla. Who the hell are they? Well, Diabla’s roots sink as back as 1996 but you can read the (almost) full story at their website. This is already their second demo CD, the first one, “Everything Passes”, being released in 2001. The line up has gone through multiple changes but the basis trio of Beathe Sanden (vocals), Morten Granheim (bass) and Tarald Lie (drums) remains. Stig Rolfsen (guitars) left after the band’s show opening for TNT (one of their musical heroes) in Kroa i Bø (Norway) on March 20 2004. They named their music as Experimental Romantic Metal Pop Punk, and as “flashy” as it may sound, it’s not, in fact, very far from the truth.

This 2 track single CD opens with Small Talk, an up-tempo hard rock tune with a punk attitude, funny, yet fighting lyrics, and all you can ask for in a rock song. I’m The Snake is a slower track, not very far from 80’s hard rock. Beathe’s voice definitely falls out of the ordinary, as her voice is somehow hypnotic and haunting at times. There’s also space for some bitter, gloomy lyrics on that one. Keep in mind that even though being influenced a lot by 80’s hard rock, Diabla are a present day rock band with lots of punk attitude, not talking about Bad Religion/Green Day wannabees, but closer to maybe Skid Row or even Motley Crüe crunchier side. Read, no technical virtuosos here, neither musical complexity in a proggie style, it’s just in your face rebel rock with a forever young attitude what we’re talking here.

So, if you’re in for no prejudices, no musical boundaries, rebel lyrics and fresh music old-clichés free, then you should check Diabla out. I’m pretty sure they’ll catch any A&R’s eye soon as they caught mine. The band is not in a hurry, as they are focused now in playing a lot now and make themselves a name. Nonetheless, word is that with this single they are getting a lot of airplay in a certain Spanish radio show… Stay tuned! ;-) And lucky you if you can catch them live supporting Stage Dolls at Rockefeller in Oslo on June 12. I wish I was there!

- www.rockunited.com

"Review 5"

Sleazegrinder.com, August 2004
(Small Talk / I’m The Snake)

Female-fronted Norwegian hard rock. I bet you’ve got an erection already. There’s only two tracks here, so it’s kinda hard to gauge exactly where Diabla are at. “Small Talk” is the rocker of the duo, with chugging goth-metal guitars and sweeping, Cult-ish vox from the impressively throaty (and equally impressively named) Beathe Sanden. A whole album’s worth of “Small Talk” tunes, and I might carve their name into my arm with a razor, or something. However, “I’m the Snake” is lightweight, almost lounge-y pop. So what gives? I dunno. Doro says to Fight for Rock, so I’m gonna have to insist that Diabla fuckin’ ROCK for now on.

- www.sleazegrinder.com


Everything Passes (EP) - 2001
Small Talk/I'm the Snake (Single) - 2003
2005: Gods of Thunder - A Norwegian Tribute To KISS (KISS Army Norway & Voices Music Entertainment - Diabla performs "Uh! All Night")

Diabla's first full-length album is in the making! (Release: 2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Diabla's music can be described as an eclectic blend of TNT, No Doubt, Black Sabbath and Sex Pistols, trademarked by Beatrix's vocals. Their style is both melodic, atmospheric, aggressive and catchy: Experimental Romantic Metal Pop Punk!

Diabla is a tight and experienced live band that has performed with acts such as El Caco, Stage Dolls and TNT.