Diablo Dimes

Diablo Dimes


Diablo Dimes!!! Storyville Balladeerin' Dixie Boxcar Ridin' Funeral Stompin' Tearjerk Moanin' Frolic Jumpin' Moonshine Hollerin' Roots Music!


Diablo Dimes is Blues, Americana, Ragtime, Boogie Woogie, Dixieland, Rock n' Roll...
Self described as 'Honkytonk, hooked, hop, hophead heebies, and a full orchestration at a barrelhouse!'
It's no wonder one raves about his unique sound, and memorable performances, like no other.
Dimes has played extensively from coast to coast, like butter and toast, for all types of audiences. From CBGB's or Mo' Pitkins' in New York to Slim's in San Francisco to House of Blues or Tipitinas New Orleans to The Viper Room Los Angeles... Played em' all and then some. He's warmed up stages for the likes of Chuck E. Weiss & The G-Damn Liars, The Radiators, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Iguanas, Royal Crown Revue, Cashed Out, Lady Dottie & The Diamonds, Mad Juana, Mike Ness, Chris Whitley, Nervous Cabaret, G Love, Jake LaBotz, and Leon Russell to name a few.
This is a sincere, primitive, and nostalgic approach most songwriters only dream of. With a smoky freight train for a voice box Dimes is an authentic seasoned multi instrumentalist.
In the last few years, Dimes has managed to have his music featured in a myriad of expression. HBO's original series, "Mind of the Married Man". Twice featured on TLC's "Miami Ink". And a featured performance on long time friend, and collaborator Chuck E. Weiss' new album, "23rd & Stout" on Cooking Vinyl Records. Regularly played, and requested on college radio, not to mention numerous independent films, play productions, and musicals.
Most recently, Dimes has started post production for his follow up album to The Balladeer Volumes scheduled for early 2011 release simply titled, "Villains". Also listen for Dimes on the new Discovery Series "NY Ink"... He always thrills his company, weather it's a ragtime holler on the National, the carnival like one man band Medicine Show, or with The Bloodhounds. A true original, raw and passionate, with enough charisma to fill a concert hall or... a dirty juke joint brawl!


Down from Nothin'

Written By: Diablo Dimes

Another year with nothin' to show,
Another winter with out snow,
Painted rain drops they glow and glow,
on my path
Conversation just gets tired,
Illustrations make me wired,
Thoughts and actions could get me fired, from this world
And your nobody to put me Down From Nothin' thats for sure.

Rainin' Wine On Sunday

Written By: Diablo Dimes

Well it's Rainin' Wine On Sunday, and I'm dancin' in the county jail, callin' some hogs is a drunk priest, baby won't ya' sport my bail,got's my own typewriter, down at uncles for a tinklebox, long ways into the desert, big bean shine the sky above...
We the bottle baby's yea lord, and we are pals right around midnight, fence hoppin' like mad frenzy, scat scat singin' that voodoo jive, pitch a boogie woogie to yo' mama, I want's a po' boy, beans n' rice, got a ham hawk in my back pocket, jungle bum papa dee dada...
Well it's Rainin' Wine On Sunday, and I'm dancin' in the county jail, callin' some hogs is a drunk priest, baby won't ya' sport my bail, two's n' fews lay clincker, pay me no rabbit lush hound, I ain't ever been much of a wancker, won't ya' peep these chops I found...
Moon devil El Dorado, curb feelers that'll sting, Charley Chinese pimp Zorro, make ya' get down on your knees, Jeff Davis lost in Texas, runnin' from the grand marquee, he's a blow top dream boxer, pull a creep for the big city...


Tales The Road - EP (Out of Print) 2000
Gloria O' Muerte - EP (Drunk Monk) 2005
Son De Cruel - EP (Drunk Monk) 2006
Rainin' Wine On Sunday- LP (Viva Marquee) 2007
Memoirs Of A Poor Balladeer Vol. 1 & 2- LP (Viva Marquee) 2009
Villains- LP (Viva Marquee) 2011

Set List

Rainin' Wine On Sunday *SOLO RIDER*
Low n' Screwed Blues PA, 3 MICS, 3 MIC STANDS, 1 SOUND
Down From Nothin'
Backstep Ballad
Wishin' Well Woman Blues
Joint Juke Box
All The Way To My Grave
Hot Ass Georgia Asphalt
Gone Blues
Beggars Blues
Dope Monkey Blues
Shake Baby Blues