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With influences ranging from metal to industrial to straight up hip-hop and everything in between, it is difficult to pin Diabolical down to one genre. The Toronto born MC has taken elements of all these styles and melded them all together into a sound that is unquestionably his own.


Raw, against the grain and stuck between genres Diabolical emerges from Toronto's underground scene ready to unleash his musical fury upon the unsupecting public.

Just as comfortable in front of a rock crowd as he is in front of a hip-hop crowd, Diabolical is one of those rare artists you only need to listen to for a split second to recognize his distinct sound. The passion displayed as he recites his lyrics is clearly evident in every one of his tracks.

From the outside, some of his lyrics may seem graphic and disturbing, often taken the wrong way, Diabolical, likes to "use negativity to relay a positive message."

Sometimes taking the position of the Devil’s Advocate, Diabolical tries to relay a socially conscious message in almost all of his tracks, and is not one to shy away from difficult issues that society often sweeps under the table.

Diabolical started Broken Lanyard Productions in June 2006, releasing his debut album All Consuming in November of that year.


All Consuming (2006) - Broken Lanyard Productions