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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"NY Rock.com"

Not poppy, toe-tapping tunes, rather dark numbers, a cross between minimalist Hole and minimalist Siouxsie. It's kind of bleak, urban, but interesting enough to listen. - Bill Ribas

"Village Voice"

"Pascale plays with conviction in an effort to create a new template for female musicians." - M. Moallem

"Off Off Off"

"Pascale's bleak songs are smart, passionate and brutally intimate." - Joshua Tanzer

"Rockers with Something 2 Say"

A la Chrissie Hynde with the palladous metallic of Led Zeppelin, these rockers have something to say. With the incessant character of rhythms that mesmerize and energize, the music is catchy enough to demand attention. - Music-Tech.net

"Afflicting the comfortable since 2005"

Pascale is the creative force, the gin to the guys tonic. - The Deli

"Catchy with great lyrics"

Their songs are catchy with great lyrics. I've been humming their songs in my head ever since my first listen.
- Unsigned Band Web

"Eclectic Indie Rockers"

Diabolique is a modern-day band for today's brand of eclectic indie rockers. "Uses of Disorder" is gritty, angst-ridden and poppy at the same time. - Shut Eye Records


EP: Uses of Disorder (2005)

EP: Joie De Vivre (to be released 2010)

tracks that have streaming/radio airplay:

Ambition to Go, Indie boy, City of God, Shards of Gold, L Train

Radio Stations playing "Indie Boy" or "City of God"

KROQ (Los Angeles)
WCYY (Portland)
KTEG (Alberquerque)
KPNT (St. Louis)
KPHX (St. Louis)
KS95 (Iowa City)
WAVF (Charleston)
KACV (Amarillo)
WPGU (Champaign)
WRZX (Indianapolis)
WUSB (StonyBrook University)
WHRW (Binghampton University)

Internet Stations: Indie Artist Radio, Black Rock Coalition Radio (wps1.org), Church of Radio Girl, EO Radio, Radio Crystal Blue



Described by reviewers as "smart, passionate and brutally intimate," Diabolique has created a new template for female-fronted rock bands by adding a multi-cultural and multi-influenced twist to their music. On their debut cd Uses of Disorder, Diabolique unleashes a flurry of hypnotic grooves and buzz-saw guitars, combining the haunting lyricism of The Velvet Undergound with the sexy swagger of The Pretenders.

With their raw and smarting lyrics, Diabolique is willing to show themselves entirely to their audience, withholding nothing. This unique merging of undeniable command and molten vulnerability distinguishes Diabolique as the quintessential band for an injured generation struggling to define itself. Virtuosic, tight-fitting and dripping down your sleeve.