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Nottingham, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Nottingham, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Metal Alternative





Rest assured, you will be hearing more about this band in the future- they are that good. Diaboliss write punchy riff- orientated songs that are guaranteed to get your head banging. Inside my head is ultra-heavy but with a chorus that is extremely catchy. The vocalist carries a hungry powerful voice that complements the music perfectly in fact all the musicians are very competent at their craft. Again I suspect we will be hearing a lot more from this band as they begin to tour aggresively,if you like larger than life bone- crunching music, then do yourself a favour and seek them out if the album is this good get used to hearing there name. - POWER PLAY MAGAZINE


First things first, the gasworks is an awesome place to see a band, grab a drink and listen to some great metal music. Posters line the walls of bands that have played or are about to play, a rather cool Diaboliss poster greets you on entry to this fine establishment. Which brings me nicely to tonight’s band under scrutiny, Nottingham’s own Diaboliss, whose video single burn it all, along with press kit was mailed to me prior. Just like me this was their first visit to the gasworks and judging by tonight’s performance won’t be their last. I wanted to include a short interview with the band, but due to getting stuck in traffic I arrived just as they were about to take off and take off they did like a metal warhead set to obliterate everything in their path. Their ability to be as heavy as fuck and yet build dynamics in their music is pretty impressive for a three piece; they also deliver in the showman department. The singer (Stuart Corden) appearing sometimes to be possessed by something not from this world. Drummer Tonka attacks the skins with a force and precision and enough rage to scare and entertain at the same time. Guitarist Gee supplies a sonic wall of solid gold riffs. At one point in the show a member of the audience gets up on stage and attempts to pour beer down the singer’s mouth and the band doesn’t drop a beat. This band will batter you into submission, attack your senses and leave you wanting more. As their last number finishes and rings in my ears, the singer thanks us for coming and supporting original metal music and don’t forget to buy their forthcoming cd and come and see us again. Yes sir I will be seeing you again, now hand over that fucking EP. - METAL HEADZ FANZINE


Burn It ALL - single (available on itunes)
Aslo available for free download via website



DIABOLISS...welcomes you to the next chapter in the reincarnation of the well established Nottingham band.
Founder members Stuart Corden (Vocals, bass) and Gee Johnston (Guitars) have now been joined by Adrian ‘Tonka’ Loosemore (Drums) and together they have honed a new sound for the band.
The band members have an incredible 50 years combined experience in the music business, travelling the world in musical line-ups as diverse as orchestras, duos, and original signed artists. Through this journey each member has drawn on influences as diverse as classic rock, punk and Nu-metal to amalgamate their love of rock music into the new sound for DIABOLISS...
Recording began in 2011 at Zero180 studios when the band began to lay down the first demos of what would go onto become their first self titled album. The band realised as they combined their passion for writing and performing that something special was emerging and a totally new sound and direction for the band would begin to take shape.
The album tracks have been intensified by a fantastic DVD release of the first single ‘Burn it all’ which clearly lays out the band’s intentions in the rock genre.
Complex visuals, exciting guitar riffs and a relentless heartbeat are only complimented by the crisp, succinct melodies that will become instantly recognisable as DIABOLISS...
We invite you to be Judge, Jury and Witness to the rise of a new, unknown rock entity....