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"10/10 (r.t.d)"

“Superb raps and vocals against a splendidly original fusion of beats and instrumentation to make their EP, In Tha Place, one of the best Aussie hip-hop releases I've heard in a long while.“ - TSUNAMI, Dec 2006

"Tim Finney"

“Bursting with Ideas… Accomplished Production…Tight-as-F#ck..Excellent stuff “ - Zebra, Dec 2006

"7/10, Peta Martin"

A ripe balance of urban, hip hop, funk, soul, dancehall and African music…Gorgeous vocals…Exceptional union of traditional African music and Diafrix’s new breed Australian refugee hip hop….A great release for fans of Australian hip hop and will win converts too. - ThreeD World, Dec 2006

"4/5, Jason Round"

“Do they have flow? Like Niagara, buddy, and every track just seems to get your head bobbin’…Dripping with soulful rhythms and great MCing make this release an instant dancefloor hit. A truly diverse listen and a refreshing change. - HOT4S.com, Dec 2006


“A great debut… In Tha Place” a fresh and catchy club joint that will get ya up off your ass and on the flo’…“Shake Ur Body”, another cut to guarantee ya ass some swingin’ action….These cats have a style all of their own, they know how to rock a crowd and have delivered an EP that reflects this. I’m now even keener to check for an album. Bring it on!” - grooveon.com.au Nov 2006


“The MC’s Azmarino and Momo’s rapping style is modest, tasteful and well delivered, a relief from some pretentious heads in the Australian hiphop scene…It’s a tasteful EP, well produced, well performed….Talib Kweli said "Real hiphop is missing from the shelf," and even though this is true of the pollution leaking from the shelves of music stores and from many kids' Ipods, at least we have Diafrix and a few others pioneering talented and tasteful Australian Hiphop, to make us proud.” - thedwarf.com.au, Dec 2006

"Richard Moffat – Incoming Aus Music Show RRR-FM, Melbourne"

“ The Diafrix cd is my fave EP this year so far…One of the best live acts in town” ? - RRR-FM First Sample Review

"Bec Paton"

"Tight, fluent and bootylicious…damn dance floor friendly” - Inthemix.com.au Live review, Sydney


"Diafrix have defiantly re-invented Australian Hip-Hop…set a new standard in local music…up-beat rhythms, groovy cuts and soulful verse… This is a culturally dynamic EP with massive global appeal…Skilfully adding their own unique flavour to Australian music…fresh and positive..catchy chorus, effortless MCing and beefy beats." - transfusion.net, 8 Jan 2007

"Shane Scott"

“Easy to see whey they have been successful already on the festival circuit…Cop it if you are a fan of TZU the HERD or Daara J” - 100% MAG, 12 Dec 2006



FIRST SAMPLE: 2005, Avail via www.diafrix.com


Feeling a bit camera shy


Diafrix are fronted by African-born MCs Azmarino and Momo and backed up by singer Nadee, Wax Vandal on cuts and production by Ptero_Stylus. With Triple J’s Next Crop Award and The Noise SOYA finalist behind them and appearances at Westcoat Blues & Roots Festival, Meredith, The Big Day Out, The Falls, St Kilda Festival, High Vibes, Moomba, FINA Swimfest opening party, Fest’ Napuan in Vanuatu and Earthcore testifies that Diafrix are one mighty fresh Hip-Hop crew with a killer live show.

“We can go from funk to dirty dancehall, to straight-up hip hop – but it still contains my perception of soul,” explains MC Momo, who grew up on Congolese rhythms, The Temptations, The Righteous Brothers, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Mos Def and Talib Kwali.  Momo is short for Mohamed, “but I’m also a person that’s always in search for more and more, looking for more.  I’m this tiny dot in the universe, and I want to see what’s out there”.

“My energy comes from my African roots,” explains Momo, who arrived in Australia as a three-year-old with his family, as a political refugee from the Comoros Islands.  “It’s hard, but back home music – especially hip hop – is life for teenagers, because there’s a lot of trouble,” explains fellow MC Azmarino about his African birthplace Eritrea.  Azmarino has been a refugee all his life, having lived in Europe and the Middle East before arriving in Melbourne, where he wrote raps to overcome his frustration with the hassles of migration.  Azmara is the capital of Eritrea, and the Azmarino people from the capital are known as hustlers.  “But in a good way”, assures Azmarino, “there is definition between a gangster and a hustler.” How? “I had to learn to survive since I was five years old.  I had to learn languages quickly, learn to blend in at new schools because I had to go to another country, learn another language fit in with the other people.  So that gave me not just street, but people credibility”. 

Producer Ptero_Stylus is responsible for the original Diafrix sound, combining his background in percussion and electronic composition. Diafrix turntablist Wax Vandal loves the hardcore New York sound and also plies his trade with Equills and Nadee from Haiti with her soulful voice up take lead and backing vocal duties. The Diafrix live band also combines the talents of some of the best players in Melbourne featuring Elisha from San Lazzaro on Trumpet, Andy from Labjacd on Baritone & Tenor Sax, Jordan on Trombone and Dan from Velure on Guitar. 
The Diafrix birthplace is Melbourne’s tough neighbourhood of Footscray.  That’s where the group got its name, started, and wrote the first tracks.  Diafrix represent the motherland of Africa and refugees from all corners of the globe.  Diafrix represent what they see with their own two eyes. 

Diafrix have been performing extensively in Melbourne for the past four years, career highlights include: Westcoast Blues and Roots Festival 2007, FINA Swimfest 2007, Moomba 2007, Fest’ Napuan 2006 - Vanuatu, JJJ Next Crop act 2005, finalist in the 2005 Noise SOYA music awards, Meredith Music Festival 2006, Africa at the Arts Centre Melbourne 2006 with Daara J (Senegal), High Vibes festival Melbourne 2006, Big Day Out Melbourne 2006, Earthcore in the Park 2006, Falls Festival 2005, St Kilda Festival 2005 and supports include, Rhombus (NZ), Black Seeds (NZ), Stereo Mc’s (UK), Tippa Ire (UK), Simpare (Kenya), Butterfingers, Tzu, Bomba, The Herd and more.