Diagram of Truth

Diagram of Truth

 DeKalb, Illinois, USA
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Rooted in hip-hop music, D.O.T. is the unstoppable duo of Withope and Gramps. Together they weave intricate and humorous tales of self-empowerment over cleverly engineered soundscapes of violins, break beats, 808 kits, and chopped vocals.


With their recent signing to Chicago’s own Window Licker Records, Diagram of Truth’s drive and voracious songwriting are stronger than ever. Fresh off sharing the stage with underground heavy weights like Toki Wright and Guante + Big Cats!, Gramps and Withope are certainly not showing signs of slowing down any time soon. Diagram of Truth is now gearing up for the release of their first full-length album, due out early Summer 2010.

As the hip-hop gem of DeKalb, IL, the unstoppable duo of Withope and Gramps creates a genre-defying mash up where Saul Williams meets Mozart, where sincere introspections are punched in with socio-political and cultural commentary -- Save Darfur, To Write Love On Her Arms, and Knowmore are just a few of the causes they support. As MC and turntablist, Withope quickly weaves intricate and humorous tales of self-empowerment over their cleverly engineered soundscapes of violins, break beats, 808 kits, and chopped vocals.


The D.O.T. EP v.i (2005)
01. Alpha (Gramps/Sur.real/Voice/Withope)
02. Nod To, Not To (Withope/Sur.real)
03. Another Day (Gramps/Sur.real/Withope)
04. Cliche (Withope/Sur.real)
05. Execute (Withope/Sur.real)
06. Mis Taken (Gramps/Sur.real/Voice)
07. Human Hope and a Unified Reality (Withope/Sur.real/Voice)

The D.O.T. EP v.ii (2006)
01. Outlandish Species (Voice/Withope/Sur.real)
02. Addiction (Gramps/Sur.real/Withope/Voice)
03. Ethnocentricity (Gramps/Voice/Sur.real/Withope)
04. Jingoist (Withope/Voice/Sur.real)
05. Braille (Withope/Sur.real)
06. Night at Duane's (Withope/Sur.real)
07. Prayer for Stardom (Gramps/Sur.real)
08. I am (Gramps/Withope/Sur.real/Voice)
09. Daily Solstice {Bonus Track}

The D.O.T. EP v.iii: BackWords (2007)
01. The Day The Music Died (Gramps/Sur.real/Withope)
02. Alarm The Sound (Withope/Sur.real)
03. Dopamine (Withope/Sur.real)
04. Wet Perspective (Gramps/Sur.real/Withope)
05. Indistinct Line Between Good and Evil (Gramps/Withope/Sur.eal)
06. Yeeeeeeeeeeee (Withope/Sur.real)
07. Omega (Nebula) (Gramps/Sur.real/Withope)

Cultivation and Culmination: Remixed and Rare (2008)
01. I Am The Alpha Omega (Withope Mix)
02. I Am... (Pask's Endgame Mix)
03. Daily Solstice (A Distant Relic's Lunar Eclipse Mix)
04. Indistinct Line Between Good and Evil Redux (Gramps Mix)
05. Night at Duane's (Universal Mind Mix)
06. Ethnocentricity (TKS Mix)
07. Addiction (85 Decibel Monks Mix)
08. Wet Perspective Redux feat. Quid (Gramps' Fluid Perspective Mix)
09. The Day The Music Died (Withope's Funeral Mix)
10. Medley Part 1
11. Dopamine (Dasmg's Oxytocin Mix)
12. Prayer for Stardom (Motif's Unanswered Prayer Mix)
13. Braille/Yee (Gramps Mix)
14. Outlandish Species (Gramps Mix)
15. Alarm The Sound (Pask's Realization Mix)
16. Jingoist Redux (Withope Mix)
17. Wethno (Doctype Mix)
01. I (Don't) Know
02. Gitmo
03. Nod to, Not to Remix (Live)
04. Boss Battle Music
05. Bass
06. Outlandish Species Remix (Live)
07. Medley Part 2
08. Compass
09. Clam Beef
10. Two Great Minds Revisited
11. Come Together
12. Credits Roll Reprise
13. Triad
14. Encapsulation

Window Licker Records Presents: Stay Punk '09 (2009)
01. Secrets - Starter Kit
02. The Butcher - Seven Day Sonnet
03. Jamie - Seven Day Sonnet
04. Whom We Fight - Without A Breath
05. It Won't Be Long - Without A Breath
06. Pancake - Paragon
07. Tweakin' - Paragon
08. Escape - Ready...Break!
09. House Of Pain - Ready...Break!
10. Future Unpaved - Diagram of Truth
11. I Over Image - Diagram of Truth
12. Drowning - Ready The Destroyer
13. Lifeline - Ready The Destroyer
14. No Hill For a Climber - Mostly About Nothing
15. Jimmy's Friend Tony - Mostly About Nothing
16. We're All Gonna Die - Screw City Saints

Also featured producers on:
-Micro-Epiphanies: In Other(s) Words by John Charles (2009)

Set List

Our set can be anywhere from 10-60 minutes. Just depends on how much time we are given.