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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"album buzz"

"This spirited arena rock alternative quartet has accomplished a lot in a few years, hence their self titled thriller "Dialectseven" threatens to smolder and catch fire" - Leslie Shumman - Static Magazine


Dialectseven released their self titled EP with 7 songs, 3 of which have been released on nationwide radio airplay with very positive reports.


Feeling a bit camera shy


In a society bombarded with the California Rock Scene and British Slop Rock, Dialectseven brings something new to the table. Imagine if Bono/Sting met up with the guitarist from Phish/Lynyrd Skynyrd and picked up the drummer from Metalica/Staind and started a band with the bass player from Tool/Rage Against The Machine. If you paused to think about what that would sound like you are probably wrong. This odd combination actually works. The balance this creates is a smooth style of rock comparable to the old days when musicians played their instruments and didn’t beat sounds out of their guitars. With a solid rock base mixed with unique bass lines, raw natural guitars, and topped with beautiful melodies; Dialectseven has a perfect blend to create good solid music. The song writing in it self is quality due to the fact that these musicians of different backgrounds keep each other in check as well as challenged to draw outside the lines in music.
Dialectseven has gone through a change of the tide so to speak. The group hastily started album production due to fan demand and financial situations. It is obvious now that at that time the blend of their backgrounds was not complete. However, their radio releases in over 60 major cities across America picked up 85% of the stations they sent to, about 90% of those put them on full rotation, and about 50% of those played them everyday for weeks on end. The songs also made the charts on several stations across America. The point is, even when they weren’t ready they created hits. Every good band progresses. Someone didn’t wake up one day and decided to take egg whites and olive oil to make mayonnaise, ground up mustard seed paste, tomato paste and God only knows what else is in ketchup, put it on a slab of meat topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, and the by-product of pasteurized milk, put it between two pieces of bread and call it a cheese burger. These things take time and the same is true in music. Dialectseven’s live show has that same balance as their music, just enough energy to keep people on their toes and enough smooth vibe to keep people from beating up the person next to them. Granted a 13 year-old boy might not think they are as cool as the band that does back flips, only knows a 1-5-8 power cord, and needlessly beats the crap out of your PA equipment, but hey, not everybody is going to like them. They are a positive band that wants to up-lift and encourage their audience with a positive influence in their music. Dialectseven is a quality band that produces quality music that draws a quality crowd.