Dialogue from a Silent Film
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Dialogue from a Silent Film


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"EP Release blurb"

"We'd call [Dialogue from a Silent Film] a blend of Suede, Bowie, and contemporary indie rock." - The Grand Victory

"All Your Friends by Dialogue from a Silent Film"

Goth music seems to carry a certain stigma of mopey kids dressed all in black, but don't let that color your idea of Dialogue From A Silent Film. While their music definitely carries underpinnings of goth, their take carries with it a certain amount of spunk and vigor. It falls more on Placebo’s end of the spectrum than on Joy Division’s (we say this, of course, with all due respect to the latter).

You can pick up on this spunk right at the start of the song. A swirling riff starts things off, alive but holding back only for a while. Within seconds the band unleashes some loud, crunchy riffs which take over and stamp themselves all over the song. In fact, the guitars are pretty prevalent here, navigating the song through its several sections (including one part where they work with the drums to keep a pretty tight rhythm).

The other prominent feature here is Daniel Kasshu’s vocals, since they probably lend the song much of its dark and anthemic qualities. He sounds a little like Brian Molko, but mixed it with the swagger of David Bowie. His lyrics are inspired by Christian Tebordo and Thomas Pynchon, and this particular track references Jonathan Lethem’s Chronic City. It’s a potent mix, combining the literary with sonic punches, which ultimately allows the band to rise above the common conceptions of the genre.
- Zero Music Radio


07/24/2012 - All Your Friends (single)
09/27/2012 - Urban Surreal (EP)
02/14/2013 - You Don't Love Me Yet (maxi-single)