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Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Blues




"Bob Lefsetz on Diamante Eléctrico"

But I did hear one band I liked. Diamente Electrico. I was standing in the hall and through the door I heard a sound—

Is your music that good? That I get it and want to hear more of it muffled through a wall? That’s how good you’ve got to be!

Diamente Electrico is a three piece that sounds like a cross between Green Day and Muse, with a bit of Zeppelin thrown in. They could make it in America. If they played on the festival circuit they’d get traction. That’s what you want to do now, play the festivals, where people haven’t paid to see you specifically, where they’re grazing and stumble upon you. The truly great and developed can go it alone. Everybody else needs the springboard of the festival.

Speaking of festivals, can you believe death and drugs are gonna kill electronic music festivals? Just when the big boys got in. Maybe they should have stayed out. But remember, after Woodstock every festival tanked. Because nobody wanted all those hippies in their backyard. It was only recently that communities could see the financial benefit. And I know people die at Bonnaroo too, but this is a serious problem and I’m not sure of the solution. Playing to the government is usually death. Remember the PMRC? But going independent is hard. Maybe EDM has to go small again before it can truly be big. The odds of death are fewer the smaller the crowd. Maybe the paradigm can’t be festivals until we’ve got more traction in the U.S. Meanwhile, EDM festivals are still flourishing in Europe. - Bob Lefstetz

"Diamante Eléctrico on KCRW"

Colombia is a land rich in musical styles: Cumbia, Vallenato, Champeta, Salsa, and Rock have thrived independently.

Many of these traditional genres have recently seen a revival as fusion music thanks to bands like Bomba Estereo, Systema Solar, and Quantic.

But despite the musical depth in Colombia, it would seem that traditional Rock reigns supreme on the alternative side of things.

[Quick fact: even Colombian heavyweights Juanes and Shakira, who are now part of global pop culture, had their roots in straight ahead Colombian rock]

New bands sound like a post-grunge musical tributes to early ought bands like Creed, 3 Doors Down, and Nickleback. It’s as if somehow in the late 90’s post-grunge infiltrated Colombia and the collective thought was, “this stuff is good. It needs nothing else.”

So when I first heard Diamante Eléctrico, I was pleasantly surprised by the slight deviation from the norm.

Their music has more of a 60’s style blues influence ala the Stones or Led Zeppelin and they integrate fuzz-loaded vocals with the production style akin to their regional rock. But they tweak it slightly so that it feels fresh enough to sound exciting.

Daniel Alvarez, Andee Zeta, & Juan Galeano have all been in their share of bands within the Bogota music scene, and in this project they have found the right equilibrium between powerful guitars with the occasional ostentatious driving solo and mellow, jangly garage rock ballads that resonate with strong B.R.M.C. influences.

“No Rompemos Igual”, off their self-titled 2013 release, was the track that first hooked me and made me want to hear more from this band. At it’s core it’s melodic, loud, and sounds like a mix between Zoé and The Black Keys. Two bands with with massive audiences in Mexico and South America. - KCRW

"Diamante Eléctrico: "Ballads with Balls" on MTV Iggy"


The group’s rags-to-riches tale is certainly a story of our time. In just three years, Juan Galeano (bass/vocals), Daniel Alvarez (guitarist), and Andee Zeta (drummer) have risen from complete unknowns to Latin Grammy nominees thanks to their second album, B.

The trio’s lightning-quick rise begins in June 2013 after securing financing through Pledge Music—a crowdfunding site for musicians and artists. It was an act born of necessity as each member had already suffered numerous indignities and frustrations with the music industry in their own previous endeavors. They eventually got together for a jam session, which almost immediately bore delicious fruit in four songs. Those four songs gave birth to the band as well as Diamante Eléctrico’s self-titled debut album, a 10-track collection of classic rock ‘n’ roll with gut-punching snares and crunching guitars.

Diamante Eléctrico’s rock music is synonymous to words that describe your favorite pro wrestler: bone-crunching, swagger, testosterone-heavy, etc. The group’s leather-cladded rock style will put a smile on the face of fans of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s earlier work. They’re catchy toe-tappers, head-nodders, and, to use their words, “ballads with balls.” - MTV Iggy

"Diamante Eléctrico on Remezcla"

It’s easy to throw around words such as “retro,” “throwback,” and “classic” in order to describe the music from Bogotá-based trio Diamante Eléctrico. Members Juan Galeano, Daniel Alvarez, and Andee Zeta have an affinity for fuzzy, distorted guitars and vocals, loud crashing cymbals, etc.

To leave it at that though would be lazy and a disservice to a band that is doing more than simply pretending to be Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin. The group’s self-titled debut is 10 tracks of fun, head-nodding garage/blues rock that is a welcome change of pace from all the indie and bass-heavy jams coming out of South America these past few years. That probably explains all the accolades it’s received since its release this past May. Well, that and it’s a great record that should make a few end-of-year lists two months from now. - Remezcla

"El nuevo brillo de la musica en Colombia"

Diamante Eléctrico es una banda bogotana que bajo los sonidos del garage rock y el blues llega para ponerle brillo a la música en Colombia.
Foto: Facebook Oficial

Después de haber tocado en la pasarela de Levis en Colombiamoda, de haber dado un show secreto en el Teatro Metro y de tener una gran acogida entre el público, Diamante Eléctrico lanza 'Diamante Eléctrico', su primer sencillo y video.
Diamante Eléctrico es una banda bogotana que bajo los sonidos del garage rock y el blues llega para ponerle brillo a la música en Colombia.
La banda está conformada por un trío de músicos con gran trayectoria, Juan Galeano (voz y contrabajo), Daniel Álvarez (guitarra eléctrica y coros) y Andee Zeta (batería) prometen ser la nueva gran banda dentro de la escena rock del país. (Bandas colombianas que impactan visualmente en sus shows).
Diamante Eléctrico hace parte de un revival del Rock N’Roll y Garage de los 60’s que se ha venido dando en los últimos años.
Esta canción forma parte del disco que saldrá a principios de 2013. Es una canción que nos lleva atrás en el tiempo, a un sonido crudo y sencillo, pero con mucha actitud. (Los sacrificios de las bandas colombianas para salir de gira). - Terra Colombia

"El explosivo sonido de diamante electrico"

La agrupación bogotana presenta su primer sencillo y video homónimo. Un disparo de Rock N’ Roll en la escena local.

Luego de haber tocado en la pasarela de Levis en Colombiamoda, dar un show secreto en el Teatro Metro y tener una gran acogida entre el público, la nueva agrupación colombiana llega con el sencillo ‘Diamante Eléctrico’, el cual forma parte de su nueva producción discográfica que saldrá a principios de 2013.

La canción, que está disponible en descarga gratuita a través del website de la agrupación, trae de regreso los sonidos del Garage Rock de los 60’s y los eleva a un sonido crudo y sencillo.

Diamente Eléctrico está integrado por un trio de músicos con gran trayectoria: Juan Galeano (voz y contrabajo), Juan Felipe Rubio (guitarra) y Andee Zeta (bateria), y promete ser la nueva gran banda dentro de la escena Rock Nacional.

El videoclip estuvo a cargo de Juan Galeano y Juan Felipe Rubio. - Evolucion Rock

"Diamante electrico dispara su primer destello"

Como un acto instintivo de supervivencia en medio de la oscuridad, este triángulo perfecto encontró luz propia en la música, la vida y el amor que, palpitando tan fuerte como la locomotora de un tren, hizo un llamado a la naturaleza de su verdadero ser para traducirlo en canciones que suenan al pasado, presente y futuro del rock n roll en Colombia y el resto del mundo. Este es su sencillo debut ‘Diamante Eléctrico’, corte homónimo del proyecto y primer vistazo de lo que es y será el destello incandescente de un power trío que apenas se refleja en el panorama local pero desde ya se perfila como una revelación nacional, incrustándose en la semifinal del Shock Fest by Miller que se llevará a cabo este sábado 29 de septiembre en Mondrian desde la 1:00 p.m..
La dirección del video estuvo a cargo del mismo Juan Galeano -vocalista del Diamante- y Juan Felipe Rubio. - Shock

"Diamante Electrico"

Luego de una carrera como solista y de promover su disco “Peregrino”, el músico bogotano Juan Galeano presenta el primer video de su nuevo proyecto, Diamante Eléctrico.
La banda grabó su disco en tiempo record, experimentando con una amplia variedad de pedales vintage y amplificadores construidos por los mismos músicos. Diamante Eléctrico construyó un sonido indie de vanguardia que ha llamado la atención de la escena rockera en Colombia y México.
Ofrecemos a los oyentes de larecords.fm el primer sencillo de Diamante Eléctrico, y los invitamos a prestar atención a un grupo que empieza a generar curiosidad y admiración en América Latina. Esta canción entra a formar parte de nuestra programación. - La Records


Diamante Eléctrico - Diamante Eléctrico (2013)

Diamante Eléctrico - "B" ( 2015)

Diamante Eléctrico - "B" Vinyl (TBR 2015)



Diamante Eléctrico is one of the most important proposals of the independent music scene in Colombia. This group has established itself as one of the pillars of national rock, thanks to its visual proposal and its contagious and energetic live shows. Its original, raw and bluesy sound has led them to the mouth of large national and international critics and musicians such as Bob Lefsetz, Draco Rosa and Alejandro Franco, among others; as well as appearances at major music blogs like MTV Iggy, KCRW, Remezcla, Shock and Sounds and Colours.

Their presence in some of the most iconic festivals around the Americas like Culture Collide, Vive Latino, Estereo Picnic Festival, Rock al Parque Festival, Zocalo Festival, and Bogota Music Market, to name a few, demonstrates the versatility of the band and their international projection and potential by having a kindred musical genre to many of today's musical offerings. As a result, the renowned American band Foo Fighters invited the 'power trio' to open its first concert in Bogota on Saturday January 31st, 2015 at Nemesio Camacho El Campin Stadium.

Their debut album ”Diamante Eléctrico" was released in June 2013 through Pledge Music, becoming the first Colombian band in releasing an album through a Crowdfunding platform. Their second single ”Nos Rompemos Igual" reached #1 in the public radio in Colombia.

In three years, Diamante Electrico has performed over 180 shows, a record for a emerging rock band in Colombia that allowed them to establish as one of the best live acts in the country.

In March 2015, Diamante Electrico released his their second album entitled "B" through Rolling Stone Colombia Magazine, becoming the first band in the world to be distributed in the physical edition of the publication. "B" has led the band to perform in 6 bars in the different counties of Bogota, in 7 cities of Colombia, and in their first international tour held in Mexico City, Los Angeles, Nashville and New York, where the band concluded with two presentations in the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC).

They were special guests of the Rock al Parque Festival 2015, alternating with international artists at the close of the festival, where they performed in front of over 70,000 people, as well as for the closing of the Zocalo Festival held in Mexico.

Diamante Electrico won Shock the award for "Best Rock Artist" in 2013 and the Chilean POTQ "Revelation Band Iberoamericana" Award in 2014.

In 2015 Diamante Electrico received two nominations to the Latin Grammys for Best Rock Album with their production “B”, and Best Rock Song with “Todo Va a Arder”.