Gold Coast, Queensland, AUS

We play in the style that feels natural to us which, if you'd like to know, is a mix of distorted sad sounds and distorted happy sounds which are thrown into a cauldron (a real cauldron, not the proverbial type) and come out as a mix of our heavy and melodic influences.


We have all known each other since the earlier years of high school. We formed the idea of diamants in mid 2008, we had written a few rough tracks and started finding our feet. But it wasn't until early 2010 that we really wanted to start pushing things. By October, we'd written up and decided what tracks would be on our debut EP, Stage I Lives IV. Immediately after finishing up the EP we had a change in our line up, our lead guitarist had to leave for other personal committments, which had a slight effect on our overall sound, but after quickly reevaluating our lineup we are now a lot tighter! We are aiming to record an album towards the end of the year as well as a mid year tour with a close friends 'Rapids'.


Debut EP: "Stage I Lives IV"
Singles: "Morning People"