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Diamond Boiz

Lakewood, Colorado, United States

Lakewood, Colorado, United States
Band Hip Hop R&B


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"Dj Green Lantern Mixtape"

Diamond Boiz were featured on Dj Green Lantern ( Former Dj fro G-Unit/Eminem ) new mixtape Unsigned Invasion 2010 - www.dattpiff.com

"A Gleaming Future"

If you are involved in Hip-Hop in Colorado, you know that at times it’s stifling. Only the best and brightest can keep up their grind, while the less passionate get discouraged. But amongst the oppression and negativity a gem has emerged, the Diamond Boiz. They are a glimmering light of hope for Hip-Hop, not only because they remain positive and optimistic, but also because they are “tha future” of what the music could become.

The Diamond Boiz are not a Rap group. They are, as Dyalekt puts it, “A collective of family that rhymes.” This cooperative consists of three solo MCs, two of whom double as producers: Zome, Dyalekt and Ze (don’t get it twisted, it’s pronounced Zay). All three of these men are very different, but each is an intriguing individual.

Zome, the oldest of the trio, is an MC, producer and takes care of business for the group. It’s instantly obvious that he can handle his own: he carries himself with confidence and pride, always choosing his words carefully. He is no different in the music he makes, and he’s “not trying to ever stop.” His album, Heart Of A Warrior Mind Of A Soldier, was Diamond Boiz Music/Supreme Productions first release as a label, and is a view into Zome’s inspirations. This album represents his Native American history, battling with his everyday self in society. His songs contain some very real and deep meanings, as well as a mainstream magnetism that has earned the Boiz quite a fan base. He doesn’t do it alone; he has the help of his very hardworking brother, Dyalekt.

No one else in the group could better represent a diamond than Dyalekt. His sparkling personality and charisma keep a smile on every face in his presence. He is an MC and producer, like his brother, but also has a knack for technology and does all the graphic/website design for the label. He makes his music for the people while remaining true to himself in the process. “Not trying to entertain me, I’m trying to entertain y’all!” His music is a reflection of his true self. His voice is charming and his beats are catchy and addictive. It is apparent that this young MC wears his heart on his sleeve; you can hear his honest lyrics about love and loss in “I’m Still Here.”

A seemingly polar opposite to his good friend Dyalekt, Ze is very quiet and introspective. He doesn’t speak much, but when he does, pay attention because it’s guaranteed to be succinct. Ze is an MC and also does a lot of the promotion for his team. It may be difficult to learn a lot about Ze in person, of which he says, “If you wanna get to know me, listen to my music.” His tracks have a direct and bright flow that delivers his message quite clearly, while also having the distinct commercial appeal that the younger fans are fiending for. He says he has a different swagger than most, which one could hear on his track featuring F.O.E., “Hate On Me.”

This young group has some big things planned for the next year. Their mixtape, Calm Before The Storm, is set to drop June 6th at Pure Nightlife on Welton in Denver. This project is a very innovative concept; it is a teaser featuring all three Diamond Boiz to hype up their solo albums that will be dropping later this year. Calm Before The Storm will have many of the club’s hottest beats with the Boiz’s original lyrics over them. DJ Denco came onboard to mix down this project and will bless Denver with his DJ talents at the release party. The Boiz come with pure and contagious energy that shines in their live performance. To see them headline a show will be a treat for everyone in attendance.

The Diamond Boiz’s optimistic and confident mentality is so refreshing. They are an inspirational contrast to the jaded and dispirited MCs in Colorado, breathing hope back into the community. Their gleaming presence couldn’t have come at a better time; they will restore the faith that our intensely capable scene can move to the next level, as well as making the D-D-D-Diamond Boiz a brand name. - Colorado Music Buzz

"Over the weekend: 3 the Hardway at the Marquis Theater"

In celebration of the release of their debut album, Set in Stone, rapper A.V.I.U.S., producer Es-Nine, and DJ Cysko Rokwel, collectively known as 3 the Hardway, threw a release party at the Marquis Theater on Saturday night. Hosted by Rakaa Iriscience of L.A. hip-hop group, Dilated Peoples, the night began with a high energy set from the Diamond Boiz. Featuring the MC stylings of Ze, Zome, and Dyalekt, the trio easily won the crowd over and had them chanting their hooks and choruses. Don't be surprised if you start hearing fans chant "D-D-D-D-Diamond Boiz" rollin' through LoDo on next weekend. - Westword Backbeat

"Diamond Boiz crew ready to bust through"

When the Diamond Boiz emerged on the local scene a while back, they were a young, amateurish collective with a raw energy that needed honing. But within the last year, the crew, which consists of solo artists Dyalekt, Zome and Ze, have matured, grown, and taken heed of their hip-hop peers in terms of how to improve the quality of their music. It also helps that they have a rabid following that goes to almost every show where their names appear on the marquee. The trio plans to drop a mixtape, Calm Before the Storm, on Saturday, April 25, with DJ Denco, followed by the release of their individual solo albums.

"All three of our solo albums will be released near the end of this year, all on the same day but a date has not been set yet," Dyalect says. "Mine is going to be called They Call Me JClass, but Zome and Ze's are still unnamed." - Westword Backbeat


Zome - Heart of a Warrior Mind of a Soldier

Diamond Boiz - Calm Before The Storm



There has been a warning issued for the greater Metro area!

Don’t be fooled, this is the Calm Before The Storm!!!

Colorado's own Diamond Boiz crew has taken the city by storm, with turbulent performances opening up for industry professionals such as The Nappy Roots and Likwit Junkies aggressively making their name known in the community.

This explosive crew is comprised of three versatile artists, invading Colorado’s Hip Hop community by creating an upsurge of excitement.

Zome not only plays the roles of producer/engineer for the trio-but takes care of business, making sure the crews stays on track. Having first stepped to the mic as a freshman in High School, he would leave a trail of old collaborators behind him, in the mission to push himself to the next level. Zome came into his own creating the Diamond Boiz first release Heart of a Warrior Mind of a Soldier. Produced/Engineered entirely by Zome, this release is what would first give the world a taste of the force that was to come. Having rapidly sold out of this first disc is what would get the Diamond Boiz the strong fan base they have today.

Dyalekt (who happens to be Zome’s brother) is not only another MC, not only another producer/engineer but also plays the role of graphic designer for the trio. His technological know-how is what gave the Diamond Boiz such a polished look from start; proving that the DIY ethic can compete with the biggest of industry players. With electrifying charisma, it is no wonder Dyalekt would brand the crew The Diamond Boiz.

Ze-The Denver City Kid takes his position in the crew as the 3rd MC and promoter. This fresh faced young’n takes his hustle hard to the streets, helping cement the pull the crew has for their live shows. He started making music in 2004 using a Wal-Mart Microphone and turntables that belonged to his cousin; proving humble beginnings don’t speak for the future. Hooking up with his friend Dyalekt, Ze got involved with the brothers and never left, establishing his place in the Diamond Boiz.

Now, The Diamond Boiz are unleashing their fury onto the world with the help of DJ Denco, in the form of their new project, Calm Before the Storm. The title refers to whirlwind that is looming when all three of these MC’s release their solo albums on the same day, later this year. Heed this warning Denver, if you are to survive the downpour that is to come.