Diamond Jack and Johnny C. Lately

Diamond Jack and Johnny C. Lately


The Stuff that makes you move .You know deep down in your Shoes Blues.Acoustic or Elec............


Diamond Jack was born in Berkeley, California and was a musician from an early age. After several years playing jazz and other genres, he found his self in the blues.

Johnny C. Lately was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta country of Arkansas. He has been playing on the Northeast Texas music scene since the late seventies.

Diamond Jack and Johnny C. Lately met in the spring of 2007 and immediately realized their music complemented each other. They have been playing together regularly ever since.We are very versatile we feed of the crowd and can play a lot of different kinds of Music Folk Rock Bluegrass Country but we try to stay with the Blues Jump Blues Delta,Chicheo Piedmont Country Blues............


Yes. Birthright Blues 06,Birthright Blues Project Parchmen Farms.Birthtight Blues Project The Chicken.You can here these and others at www.myspace.com/birthrightblues, wwwvirb.com/Johnny_C_Latley,and some on KNON

Set List

Some of the song are Life is a winding road,Tulsa,The Delta,Gamblin in Mississippi,Piedmont blues,Salesmen blues.We Generally play three to four one Hour sets.when covers are needed we play stuff like Robert Johnson,Elmore James,BBKing,Sam Chapmen,Muddy Waters Ect.