Diamond Jim

Diamond Jim

 Hudson, Ohio, USA

I write piano driven pop music and don't stick much to any particular style, other than to be honest and keep it entertaining. People say I remind them of Ben Folds, They Might Be Giants, Beatles, and that whole kind of quirky, expressive stuff.


Diamond Jim is the alias of label founder and full time producer/songwriter Jim Greer. Having released three records under his own name and worked as a session player and songwriter on a variety of other records (Galactic's Ruckus, Handsome Boy Modeling School White People, Head Automatica Decadence, MC Lars, Kid Beyond, Scissors For Lefty, Rondo Brothers), Diamond Jim decided it was time to go undercover and let the music speak for itself. Jim has recently completed studio sessions with a wide of array of innovative pop music masters (Prince Paul, Jack Douglas, Jefrodisiac, Souls of Mischief, Ivan Neville, Luther Dickinson, and more) and is booked solid for the immediate future with artists needing his studio expertise.

Big Bad Beautiful Dreams is a vibe record. An artist who follows whims to their bitter end, Jim clearly was under the spell of his muse for all these songs - and as an accomplished producer, he was able to let some songs go as a live take, while others are created clearly at the hands of a skilled producer. Kicking off with a quirky instrumental "Pretty Little Zombies All In A Row", the record then launches hard with "LIttle Heartbreaker", a driving rock song that recalls Blur, Tom Petty, and ELO at the same time. Clever arrangements, universal themes, John Lennon influences abound. Songs record live like "Duck, Little One" and "Save Me" are classic piano ballads, songs with universal themes and no sutido trickery to fill in the gaps - but tracks like "Walk You HOme" and "Under a Half Moon" incorporate Jim's ability to bring out the best in a song through production that recalls Air, Beck, and Stereolab. Instrumentals are featured as well, the trip-hop jam "Wash It Out", recorded live at Tiny Telephone studios in San Francisco with a 10 piece band, and "House Made of Dawn", an ode to early 70's film music blended with an off kilter big beat and creepy slide guitar. Guest appearances from vocalists Herman Jolly, Latrice Barnett, and actor Pedro Shanahan round out the record making it Diamond Jim's expressionist, multi-influenced masterpiece.


Jim Greer: Lucky Day 1997
JIm Greer: Rover Songs 1999
Jim Greer: Big Thieves Jail the Little Thieves 2001
Visitor Jim : 2003

Set List

The new album will be performed straight through in its entirety:
1. pretty little zombies all in a row
2. little heartbreaker
3. china hil
4. duck little one
5. under a half moon
6. wash it out
7. falcon to a friend
8. walk you home
9. broke a lover
10. i can hear you laughing
11. a house made of dawn
12. save me