Diamond Steele

Diamond Steele

 Westland, Michigan, USA
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Diamond Steele is a hot new jazz group from Detroit, who is already making the right kind of noise in the jazz community. I believe that you will find their music suitable to your venue's musical taste buds, particularly for smooth-jazz lovers. Diamond Steele is a seriously dedicated jazz group.


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Diamond Steele
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Mission Statement

“To Achieve Musical Performance Excellence”

Diamond Steele is led by the musical competence of Marcus A. Allen Sr. Mr. Allen is both a trumpet virtuoso and composer from Detroit. Diamond Steele has been playing professionally throughout the Metro Detroit area for many years. Under Mr. Allen’s leadership Diamond Steele has blossomed, into a very accomplished and professional musical recording group.

Diamond Steele was discovered by A&R Rep. Conrad DiManche in 2011, and they are presently in negotiations for contract with Sony Records. Diamond Steele just released their second CD entitled "Lavish Living".

Because of the depth, talent and versatility of this group it is easy to see why they have the ability to play nearly any style of music they choose with ease, yet their collective love for jazz music is the one and only reason why they have made jazz their musical genre of choice. It is the belief of this group that playing jazz also keeps them closer to their musical heritage, as well as allowing them the opportunity to become much more proficient musicians overall.

Diamond Steele is currently a member of A&R Select, ReverbNation, Island Def Jam Records, and the National Musicians Union. You can also visit them at www.diamondsteele.net, MySpace, and Facebook. Our CD “Lavish Living” is now on sale at Def Jam Records, amazon.com, iTunes, LastFM, and a number of other reputable musical distribution channels which continue to grow daily.

Band Members:
Marcus Anthony Allen Sr. was born in Detroit, Michigan on October 19, 1960 and he has been playing the trumpet since his freshman year of high school. He quickly progressed on the trumpet, and after only three short months of studies he found himself performing before large audiences, mostly in the local night clubs throughout metro Detroit. As a young student, Mr. Allen competed musically on the highest level, and because of his fast learning pace he quickly gained recognition as an up and coming solo artist. Mr. Allen continued to play professionally for nearly twenty-eight years before forming Diamond Steele. Overall, he has spent a total of thirty-one years entertaining publicly.
After completing high school Mr. Allen continued performing locally around Detroit with such groups as: The Righteous Players, Ruff as Us, the Dramatics, and Earth’s Nature. In 1979 he won the state’s talent competition with his horn section; Three the Hard Way. Later that same year he was invited to perform behind the groups; Brick, the Dazz Band and Michael Jackson in Los Angles, CA., but because of his desire for greater development in the study of music, and his inability to afford the much desired lessons, he regretfully declined these promising invitations and decided rather to enlist in the U.S. Army.
His desire for musical growth was his single greatest reason for enlisting in the military. While in the military, Mr. Allen achieved his primal objective, as he had the wondrous opportunity to study music as well as travel around the world with the army band. He also had the pleasure of meeting and performing for many dignitaries. In all, Mr. Allen has had the distinct pleasure of performing for both presidents and kings.
During his twelve year stint in the military, Mr. Allen studied jazz and classical harmony, theory and music history through the Army School of Music in Norfolk, Virginia. He excelled in music composition, arranging and scoring, so much so that his company commander awarded him three army accommodation medals because of his skills. Mr. Allen also became proficient on both the oboe and piano during his time in the military. On August 29, 1992 he left the military and returned home to Detroit to further pursue his musical career. It was during this period that he received personal tutorage on the trumpet from one of Detroit’s most prominent jazz musician, trumpeters, Marcus Belgrave.
Mr. Allen also received numerous informal instructions from saxophonist and recording artist Larry Smith, Marcus Belgrave and the late Dr. Teddy Harris. He accredits most of his musical prowess, especially where his improvisational skills are concerned, to these three jazz giants from Detroit. He also gives credit to his countless performances with many of Detroit’s best and brightest jazz musicians.
Over the years, Mr. Allen has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such prominent jazz figures as; Dwight Adams, Dr. Harold McKinney, Darren McKinney, and recording artist (saxophonist extraordinaire) James Carter. After completing his studies in jazz, he immediately began studying classical trumpeting under the guidance of Robert Tinsel, a former principal trumpeter for the DSO (Detroit Symphony Orchestra). After completing his classical studies, he decided to turn p


CD's include:

A.) Late Bloomer

1. Late Bloomer
2. West 57th
3. Jammin-N-Detroit
4. I Decide
5. Fire of Desire
6. My Line
7. I think I Love You
8. No One Knows
9. Lady Doll
10. Monster's Groove
11. Easystreet

B.) Lavish Living

1. Alone Tonight
2. Blue Ride
3. Lavish Living
4. Tip Toe
5. Hey Girl
6. Ms. Davenport
7. The Roar

Set List

Diamond Steele is a five piece self-equipped self- contained band. We are composed of a Trumpet player, sax player, drummer, bassist, and a keyboardist with stacked boards.

We use our own sound equipment unless otherwise instructed not to by a particular venue. Our sound is composed of 6x15" powered speakers and 2x10" powered monitors. Our bassist is the only musician that brings his own bass cabinet speaker, everything else, as far as sound is concerned, is ran through the band's sound system.