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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
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Diamonds Under Fire started the show on a high note, whipping the audience into a frenzy. I felt as though they formed a perfect bond with the crowd – wetting our appetite for feast about to come. -

"Diamonds Under Fire: Mining Their Way to Stardom"

Last fall, I was listening to an episode of a webcast out of Pennsylvania entitled "On the Rocks." It was during that episode when I first found out about a Los Angeles-based, hard-rocking female trio called Diamonds Under Fire.

With a sound that has the feel of 1990's grunge mixed with superb vocal delivery, Diamonds Under Fire are the kind of band that is mining its way toward rock stardom. Guitarist and lead singer Vanessa Silberman started Diamonds Under Fire back in 2005 as basically a solo project that played throughout the Los Angeles area, as well as toured the US, Canada and Britain. Just last year, though, was when it went to the next level, as bassist Melinda Holm and drummer Jessica Goodwin joined Vanessa.

How did Diamonds Under Fire evolve to what they are today, and would they compromise what they're about if they were to get signed by a major label? I put those and other interesting questions to the ladies themselves.

Steve: Let's begin by asking where each of you are originally from.

Vanessa: I grew up moving around a bit, mainly living between the San Francisco Bay Area & Kauai, HI.

Jessica: I was born and raised in Sin City --Las Vegas, NV.

Melinda: Minneapolis, MN

Steve: My next question is for Vanessa. Since Diamonds Under Fire have been compared to the likes of Nirvana, Pink, No Doubt, and such classic rockers as the Ramones and Chrissie Hynde, would you count any or all of the above artists as your musical influences, as well as explain the retro-grunge approach your band takes?

Vanessa: I would definitely consider everyone you mentioned as some sort of influence, if not musically then career-wise, music fashion icons or as people who I really respect --especially since they paved the way. Nirvana was the first band that caused me to pick up the guitar so maybe that explains some of the ‘retro grunge’ feel you hear. Though I always try to take the approach of focusing on the song writing, like a great song is a great song & you can produce it however you want. I just chose to produce the past music pretty raw because it naturally appeals to me and because I didn’t have a big budget to hire an “A-List” producer –I did it mainly myself.

We collectively as a band listen to everything from pop and punk to dance and hip-hop to electronic music. I think with the new songs we ended up digging really deep to bring out the spirit of all those different influences in the sound & feel so what you hear is a more varied approach but still Diamonds Under Fire.

Steve: Vanessa, what did you do, as a musician, prior to starting Diamonds Under Fire literally by yourself?

Vanessa: As soon as I got my first guitar, I started writing my own songs immediately. I also jammed / played with friends & other bands growing up and in LA as a guitarist --but not that much. I even went out on a few Berry Squire auditions when I first moved to LA but I always felt better singing so I played solo and constantly tried to recruit band members, which always ended up being different incarnations of what Diamonds Under Fire would become.

Steve: Vanessa, I saw a YouTube clip from 2011 in which Diamonds Under Fire opened for Uh Huh Her [which features singer/actress Leisha Hailey]. If what I noticed on that clip was any indication, it was just you and a drummer. How did you land that opening act slot, and who was your drummer back then?

Vanessa: Before Jessica & Melinda joined the band, Diamonds Under Fire for a long time was just me (with the exception of Bryan Stage from My Satellite, who played bass for a short time in the band). I’d usually tour as a two-piece and not as a full band because economically it didn’t make sense. The drummer for that tour was a friend / session player by the name of Tim Spier. I met Uh Huh Her through their manager, Kerri Borsuk, who also was a mutual friend who helped manage me at the time. Uh Huh Her asked if I wanted to open up for them and I said, of course, yes. Uh Huh Her was a blast to tour with and are very talented.

Steve: Following up on that, my next question is for Melinda and Jessica. How did you two join Vanessa to become the current Diamonds Under Fire lineup, and what did you each do prior to that?

Jessica: Prior to Diamonds Under Fire, I was in the rock/electronic duo Volcano Dolls. Vanessa and I met through a mutual acquaintance, Isaac Heymann, who knew I was in between bands. One day I got a call from him saying that he had a friend (Vanessa) that was looking for a drummer and thought she and I would be a perfect match. I got in touch with Vanessa, auditioned, and the rest is history!

Melinda: I had just moved to LA and was working on learning songs to go on tour with my friend Kim Talon's band, JAN. Vanessa heard about me through my cousin, Jamie Holm, and her band Sick of Sarah. She pursued me online and via text for a while before we met. It was very romantic -

"‘Diamonds’ to shine in SLC - (Feb. 10th 2010 / Feature)"

Los Angeles-based band Diamonds Under Fire is headed to Salt Lake City as part of its 2010 West-Coast tour.

The solo alternative rock act has had steady success since singer-songwriter Vanessa Silberman began to follow her dreams in music after moving from Hawaii back to the continental states.

"I started playing music when I was about 11 years old, while I was still living in Hawaii," she said. "Growing up in Hawaii, I was influenced by the music I was exposed to at a very young age."

In addition to touring nationally and internationally, Diamonds Under Fire has been featured on the cover of Guitar Player magazine and the home page of, the first-choice website for alternative music followers. Silberman's songs have also been featured on the Vans Off the Wall compilation CD for the past three years.

Diamonds Under Fire's style is greatly influenced by '90s alternative rock groups such as Nirvana, Silverchair, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden.

"My music is definitely heavily influenced by '90s grunge-rock bands, specifically grunge in Seattle," Silberman said. "Surprisingly, in a production sense, I've also been very influenced by current hip-hop, pop and urban music."

Silberman's sound is also unique within grunge and alternative because of the genres' rarity of female lead vocalists.

"I think people always want to hear a different sound, and not just the same old thing over and over again. Older bands are great, and we all love them, but we always need to progress-I don't want to just repeat what they've already created. I think that female vocals in a rock band are something fresh and rare, which is what interests people," Silberman said.

Silberman said her purpose in creating music and performing is and always has been to lift people up and fulfill her own artistic inclinations.

"First and foremost, I make music because I love it and because it's always been a need of mine," she said. "I have always intended to spend my time on earth making a difference, giving back. I want to bring hope and positivity through my music to people. It's very therapeutic." - The Utah Daily Chronicle

"Warped Magazine - (July 2010 / Feature)" - Warp Magazine (Mexico)

"Guitar Player Magazine - (June 2007 / Cover call-out & feature)"

The word diamond is a derivative of the ancient Greek “adamas,” which means “invincible.” Vanessa Silberman—the heart and brains behind the Los Angeles-based Diamonds Under Fire—knew this factoid when considering a name for her band.

“Diamonds are carbon atoms that turn into one of the hardest substances on earth, but only after they endure an incredible amount of stress and heat,” she says. “I thought it was a fairly close analogy to my life as a musician. If you can stand the pressure, you’ll go through a process of transformation.”

Q:What’s your background?
A:I moved around a lot while growing up, and I lived in some isolated places, such as Kauai. I didn’t have a radio or MTV. My first music purchase was from Columbia House, where I ordered ten CDs for a penny. I had no idea what those bands sounded like! There aren’t many radio stations in Hawaii, and they mostly play island reggae—which is a scene a lot of people on the mainland aren’t aware of. When I was 13, I was able to attend a two-week National Guitar Workshop Camp in Seattle. It was great to finally mix with other guitar players.

Q:What turned you on to guitar?
A:Kurt Cobain inspired me to pick up guitar when I heard Nirvana at age 11. I never knew you could feel an emotion from a song before. So many bands are affected by his chord progressions. I don’t know why people don’t talk about him anymore. Maybe it’s because more technical guitar styles are popular right now.

Q:Your style seems to be based on alternate tunings.
A:Yes. I write mostly in open tunings, and my signature tuning is—low to high—D, A, D, A, D, D. It’s definitely cool playing leads with the two high strings being Ds, and I can also work with octaves with the low E tuned to D.

Q:What kind of gear are you using?
A:My two main guitars are an Epiphone SG Custom Les Paul and a Gibson Melody Maker, because I love full tones and big sounds. I set the intonation on each guitar for my tuning, but otherwise they’re stock. I run two amps that I switch between using a floor pedal: a Marshall JCM 800 head through a Marshall 1960 4x12 cabinet for distorted tones, and a Fender Hot Rod De-Ville 2x12 combo loaded with Celestion speakers for clean sounds.
People try to emulate so many sounds with effects, but for rock music, you can be pretty direct and get your point across. I use Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom strings, gauged .010-.052. They’re great if you like a lot of low end. My picks are Dunlop .73mm nylon. They have a little grip, which I love.

Q:What’s next for you?
A:Well, I’ve produced all my own material to date, but I’d love to work with a country or hip-hop producer. To work with someone from a different genre is so experimental. You get to see your music from their perspective, and that’s always an eye-opening experience. - Guitar Player Magazine

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"Vanessa Silberman aka Diamonds Under Fire"

Please see link. - NPR

"Soup Kitchen Rocks Brings In the Chicks"

Next up for the bands was Diamonds Under Fire, an unassuming two-piece band that surprised me with their full-band sound. Sometimes all you need is a guitar and a drum set to rock out. They brought back the angsty, anthemy grunge rock of the 90s and made it sound fresh and new. -

"In The Clubs feature"

Vanessa Silberman (aka Diamonds Under Fire) is what happens when you raise a girl on a steady diet of drugs and ’90s alternative rock. If you like Silverchair and Helmet but always wished they had a woman singing lead, here you go. Enjoy it while she’s still under the radar. - San Diego City Beat

"Artist Profile: Vanessa of Diamonds Under Fire"

Los Angeles local Vanessa Silberman makes up the one-woman band Diamonds Under Fire. Silberman has been performing under this alternative pop-rock alias for eight years and will be performing at Flagstaff Brewing Company Feb. 12.

Her passion for music, however, has thrived much longer than Diamonds Under Fire’s existence.

The now 27-year-old Silberman moved back and forth across a portion of the Pacific Ocean for the sake of her mother and father during an early part of her life.

“I moved around a lot growing up,” Silberman said. “I was mainly split between living with my mom in Hawaii and my dad in the Bay Area.”

Silberman learned how to play violin as a requirement for grammar school but said she considers the guitar to be the first instrument she learned.

“When I was 11 years old, I got my first guitar and knew that I wanted to play music for a living,” Silberman said. “How to play music for a job was completely unknown, and the fact that I lived in the middle of nowhere, on an island in the middle of the ocean, didn’t seem scary.”

Silberman said she believes starting to play the guitar at a young age gave her a noticeable advantage in her future career.

“I think being young and naïve is so powerful,” Silberman said. “Ignorance is very much bliss. My belief really gave me a strong foundation in myself at a young age and assured me that things can fall into place.”

Silberman said she is influenced by a wide variety of music and, unlike many other musicians, is not limited to listening to one genre. She said her favorite bands include Nirvana, Silverchair, Helmet, Sonic Youth and the Pixies.

“A lot of bands from the early ‘90s and other classic artists like Tom Petty and Depeche Mode [influence my music],” Silberman said. “Currently, I listen to a lot of hip-hop, urban and pop music, because I love the production and can’t deny a great pop song.”

Silberman said her main goal in making and performing music is to inspire optimistic emotions in listeners, just as she was affected by music at a younger age.

“I want to make a difference while I’m here on Earth,” Silberman said. “My goal is to give positivity and hope to people through music. It’s a powerful thing when I think of all the times I felt saved by music in my teens, and what a life-changing experience it gave me over the years. Above and beyond all, I want to give back to other people through music. I believe when your intention is good and to somehow help other people, there’s nothing that will stop you.”

Diamonds Under Fire will be taking part in a 12-date West Coast tour that spans the month of February. To listen to Diamonds Under Fire or to learn more information, visit - Jack Central (Northern Arizona)

"Feature on (N. California)"

Where Diamonds Under Fire’s Vanessa Silberman grew up, there wasn’t a gas station for 45 minutes and there certainly wasn’t a record store anywhere close. In the mid-‘90s, as Silberman was living with her mom in Kauai, Hawaii, her popular music education was based on Columbia House’s “10 CDs for a Penny” deals. Luckily, Columbia House was hawking Silverchair, PJ Harvey and Nirvana CDs, at the time.

Silberman remembers picking up her first guitar when she was around 11 years old.

“I had a family friend who had a guitar and he offered to let me borrow it,” she says. “I had no idea how to play guitar and I remember getting it and being so excited and not even knowing how to play anything at all. I remember turning on the distortion and I remember parents coming in, ‘Turn that down!’ and that was like my next seven years, every 15 minutes, ‘Turn that down.’”

The budding songstress took occasional guitar lessons, but primarily taught herself to not only play the instrument, but write music, which is something she says happens all the time, from driving around Los Angeles in her car to sitting in her apartment and fiddling with her acoustic. Singing and playing guitar — her primary roles in Diamonds Under Fire — have led to Silberman taking on other instrumental duties in the recording studio, as well. Rarely she’ll bring in a friend or hire a session player to accompany her on drums or strings, but for the most part, what you hear on any of her alt. rock-tinged demos, she recorded herself.

Silberman says she owes much of her sound and her creative inspiration to her rural Hawaiian upbringing, without TV or much radio, and with occasional trips to the library, where she could peruse the back-issues of “Spin” and “Rolling Stone” magazines.

“When you’re in a place like that, you’re really forced to find your own experiences and creativity,” she says. “There’s just so much more, versus being given all this electronic stuff… where it’s like you have everything.”

Diamonds Under Fire has been the moniker of Silberman’s mostly solo project for the past seven or eight years. She’s 27 now and has had her songs featured on “Vans Off the Wall” compilations since 2005. Still, she says she feels like her life has just begun. This performer and writer has big plans to release a lot of albums well into the future.

On the road, the lineup of Diamonds Under Fire is restricted to as few members as possible. Due to the economy, Silberman says most of her musician friends can’t afford to take the time off work to travel, and besides, she can’t afford to pay them anyway. As she sets off on a two-week tour this week, landing in Arcata on Friday, Silberman says she may be on the road on her own, or she may end up having another musician with her.

Diamonds Under Fire is playing this Friday, February 5, at the Arcata Theatre Lounge as a benefit for the expansion of the Arcata Skatepark (officially dubbed “Phase II”). Silberman says that while she grew up around skating and could probably kick out an ollie or two if needed, she’s just excited to be playing a show that benefits the community she’s playing in.


"NEW MUSIC FRIDAYS: Diamonds Under Fire"

Where is music going? To be honest, I have no idea. With the current (dying) state of the music industry, everything we’ve come to know in regards to music is going to eventually come to an end/change, and a new beast fit for the 21st century will be born.

I personally take comfort in the fact that bands like Diamonds Under Fire will be there to help guide us. While I know this is a bold statement, I stand by it. Undiscovered acts have to make music like their life depends on it, because often times, it does. Deciding to live a life of creating music is risky at the least, and the ones that choose this path must truly believe in their craft, and it shows.

Diamonds Under Fire is the product of singer/song writer Vanessa Silberman. A California native, Vanessa has managed to make music nostalgic of 90’s era grunge, worthy of a 21st century platform. While this is not normally my genre of choice, I really really dig their sound. Diamonds Under Fire has been featured on the Vans Off the Wall compilation CD, was one of eight bands selected for the House of Blues/”McDonalds’s Big Mac” Contest, and had a feature & Cover Call Out in the June 2007 issue of Guitar Player. If all of that wasn’t proof enough of the undiscovered talent that is Diamonds Under Fire, give their website a peak and listen to a few of their tunes (my personal favorite being ‘Binge Thinking’).

Here’s my prediction. One day, you’ll be driving down the freeway (or stuck in traffic if you’re from L.A.) and you’ll tune into your local rock-esque radio station…and BAM…your ears will be met with the grundge-soul-grinding music of Diamonds Under Fire, and you’ll think to yourself “bless Matt AND Simplenvrmt for telling me about this.” You’ll see.

Make sure to BUY one of their CD’s when available, and support what’s left of good music and talent.

Matt Rejis -

"Live Review - Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles"

The nine o'clock act this night was Diamonds Under Fire. She is a true one-woman-one-guitar, I-do-everything-myself musical entrepreneur. She sounds as if she is heavily influenced by P.J. Harvey as she pushes her voice in that direction. And of course, she accompanies herself with nothing but a dying Epiphone guitar, which makes this boy's heart go a-poundin'. A few of the songs sounded like she was really trying hard to sing them, which is a shame, because I have a feeling if she just let herself sing, she has a beautiful voice. DUF's last song blew me away a little bit. When it started, it sounded like a cover of an early '90s post-punk popper that I just didn't quite remember. Then it became this beautiful, melodic, encapsulating fem-anthem that I wish I was on her MySpace, so I could listen to it all day for a day. - Redefine Magazine

"'Diamonds Under Fire' Mail Tribune - Feature - By Dawn Hatchard"

Influenced by the popular alternative rock of the 1990's, Diamonds Under Fire will bring their original tunes to a three-band concert at 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 15 at Musichead, 350 S. Riverside Ave., Medford.

"It's alternative rock, almost grunge with female vocals," said Jym Harris, assistant manager at Musichead and drummer for the band Electronic Buzzard Song.

Diamonds Under Fire's lyrics are similar to Nirvana's and other grunge bands of the 1990s, softened by Vanessa Silberman's voice. Joining Silberman for this performance is Adam Farley on drums and backup vocals. The two musicians combine to create a sound many twenty-somethings grew up listening to, with original music and the guitar distortions that contribute to the grunge sound.
The duo has been touring the West Coast and will travel to California after their Saturday night performance. - Mail Tribune - Feature - By Dawn Hatchard

"'SOUNDWAVES' - Santa Fe New Mexican/Pasatiempo - Feature By ROB DEWALT"

L.A. alt.rock ensemble Diamonds Under Fire, led by charismatic singer-songwriter Vanessa Silberman. Inspired at age 11 by Kurt Cobain and Nirvana -- and then kicked out of school by age 17 -- Silberman picked up a guitar and never looked back.

Her breathy voice stirs up comparisons to a really bitter (ok, pissed off) Sarah McLachlan, but make no mistake: this music is 100-percent female-fronted fuzz rock with one foot in the lyrical sensibilities of riot grrrl and the other in the best that original grunge-music instrumentation has to offer. Think of L7 -- if L7 knew how to write well and arrange a string section. (Take a listen to "Binge Thinking," currently streaming at
- Santa Fe New Mexican/Pasatiempo - Feature 'SOUNDWAVES' By ROB DEWALT


'TBA' - EP (2014)
'Hearts On Hiatus (Deluxe Edition' - EP (Dec. 10th, 2013)
'Sunshine' - single (self released July 2012)
Diamonds Under Fire - LP/CD (self released April. 12th 2011)
'Diamonds Under Fire' - EP (self released, 2009)
'Painted Coins' - EP/demos (self released, 2007/2008)
Hearts On Hiatus - EP (Self Released, 2005)
'This Song' - Vans Off The Wall CD 10 (Vans, 2007)
'Redefining Deception' - Vans Off The Wall CD 9 (Vans, 2006)
'Everything Fades To Red' - Vans Off The Wall CD 8 (Vans, 2005)
'Empty Walls' - Vans Off The Wall CD 7 (Vans, 2004)

US Airplay -
• KGUP 106.5FM (Los Angeles, CA)
• KWSS 106.7FM (Scottsdale, AZ) - 'Binge Thinking', 'Heart Machine', 'Reverie', & 'Limbo' in regular rotation.
• (Los Angeles, CA) - 'Empty Walls'
• Time Warner Cable (Socal Beat) - Feature
• KCWU TV, Channel 15 (Ellensburg, WA) - 'featured'

International Airplay -
• CHYZ 94.3 FM (Québec, Canada) - 'Binge Thinking', 'Heart Machine', 'Reverie', & 'Limbo' in regular rotation.
•Sousse, Tunisia - Sousse Radio



Diamonds Under Fire is the heart and soul of singer, songwriter, and guitarist Vanessa Silberman. She started the band in her late teens & evolved it over the last 9 years. Silberman took on multiple roles in the studio from playing most of the instruments to producing. Behind the scenes you could find her doing everything from booking tours to running DUF music online content, to designing the bands art & images.

In April 2011 Diamonds Under Fire self-released the debut record produced by Vanessa Silberman tracked with Kevin Calaba at Paul Green's Studio House (School Of Rock creator in New York). A tour supported the release which included dates with electro-rock duo Uh Huh Her.

After returning home from tour in the summer of 2011, Silberman was invited to collaborate on tracks with Engineer / Producer John ‘Lou’ Lousteau at the Foo Fighter’s Studio 606.

In early 2012, after numerous line up changes, Silberman, always eager to evolve & develop the bands sound, recruited drummer Jessica Goodwin (Big Black Delta) and bassist Melinda Holm (JAN). The chemistry clicked and newly created DUF lineup made their LIVE debut at Sunset Strip Music Festival. By the summer of 2012 the three piece released their single “Sunshine” which was recorded Studio 606.

Diamonds Under Fire spent most of 2013 in the studio, collaborating with John ‘Lou’ Lousteau and is in the final mixing stages with their next record. Release set for Spring 2014.

With strong DIY roots, Diamonds Under Fire has self-released numerous EPs, toured the US 10 times – also playing Canada, the UK, & of course SXSW. Diamonds Under Fire are LA darlings! Locally the band has made its mark on all the known venues including The El Rey, The Troubadour, Viper Room, The Echo and Bootleg Theatre. They have shared the stage with Meg Myers, Dead Sara, LP (98.7FM’s ‘Close to Home’), Butterfly Boucher, Brian Glaze (Brian Jonestown Massacre) and many others. The band has been featured on 4 Vans ‘Off The Wall’ Compilations, in Guitar Player Magazine with a cover call out, has spins on commercial and non-com radio, and was featured on Time Warner's 'SoCal Beat'.

Diamonds Under Fire's power house live show & music has often been compared to the raw bare bones rock 'n roll of Nirvana, The Ramones, Joan Jett, & Chrissie Hynde with the danciness of No Doubt & the pop sensibilities of Pink.

As Holiday gift to fans (and to hold them over till the new album in 2014) Diamonds Under Fire is releasing Heart on Hiatus (Deluxe Edition) December 10. Hearts on Hiatus will feature previously unreleased demos, b-sides & remixes by Kidforce & My Satellite.

DIAMONDS UNDER FIRE WORK WITH: Audix Microphones, Vater Drumsticks, Keep(a)Breast, Ernie Ball Strings, Dunlop, Vater Sticks & Le Specs Sunglasses.



"In a music world full of female pop artists hitting it big by chewing bubblegum and puking in closets, Vanessa is doing the opposite. Harnessing a sound that brings back memories of No Doubt and Nirvana, Diamonds Under Fire strikes not only a chord of nostalgia, but the “damn that’s a good tune” chord as well."

"Diamonds Under Fire was more climactic than it should have been. Silberman broke from the norm. In a music scene full of pretty, glamorous female musicians, Silberman provided an aesthetic more akin to Joey Ramone and a musical sound reminiscent of ’90s rock with static guitar and angsty vocals."-

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