Diana Daly

Diana Daly


A Newfoundland-born Montréaler, Diana Daly is a songstress whose sound bridges old time ballads and indie rock.


A Newfoundland-born Montréaler, Diana Daly is a songstress whose sound bridges old time ballads and indie rock. Lonesome, introspective and raw, the songs on her debut EP 'When Women Kill' are a blend of originals and American ballads. Heavily influenced by Dolly Parton, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle and Neko Case; Daly’s voice ranges from that of an innocent girl to one of a woman dealing with rage, disappointment and the effort of striving for a better life.


Sluts and Backstabbers

Written By: Diana Daly

She’s had it up to here
Building character
Don’t even recognize
The eyes in the mirror
How strong must a girl be
Before she’s deemed worthy
What’s the test anyway?
It’s not clear

How many knives will it take
Before her spirit breaks
How many kicks in the teeth ‘til she knows
What the hell she’s doing wrong
Come on and tell her so she can move on
Won’t you let her come in from the cold?

How many tears go into making a bitch?
How many years of bitter disappointment?
How many burns from
Sluts and backstabbers?

Seems there’s no honor anymore
In a raging moral war
Where voicing concerns not allowed
Her heavy heart is a fighter
Another friend lighter
Still she’s always alone in a crowd

Like a stupid kewpie doll
Stuck with pins, blue eyes and all
And lips sewn shut into a smile
Paranoia compounded
And rumors unfounded
She needs a safe place to mend for a while

It’s getting harder to know who to trust
Who is real and who is just
Another one of those
Sluts and backstabbers?

She’s sick and tired of feeling alone
She’s sick and tired of having to roam
To run away
To fly away
I’ll fly away, in the morning
I’ll fly away

Silver Dagger

Written By: American Traditional

Don’t sing me love songs
You’ll wake my mother
Sleeping here right by my side
In her right hand is a silver dagger
She says that I can’t be your bride

All men are fools so says my mother
They’ll tell you wicked, loving lies
And then they’ll go and court some other
Leave you alone to pine inside

My daddy is a handsome devil
He’s got a chain five miles long
On every link a heart does dangle
Of another maid he’s loved and wronged

Go court another tender maiden
In hopes that she might be your wife
For I’ve been warned and I’ve decided
I’ll sleep alone all of my life

beware, beware
a silver dagger

beware, beware
a silver dagger


When Women Kill
debut EP 2011

Set List

Down By Moonlight
Finish Me Off
Silver Dagger
Sluts and Backstabbers
Sleep Alone
Safe Harbour