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Where did I put those Memories

Written By: Diana L. Madsen Schofield

Chorus: Oh where did I put those memories? The ones we made together back when I thought now would still be just like then.
I can't remember how it felt...a love so hot I thought we both would melt.
And then the prayers that dropped me to my knees, Oh, Where did I put those memories?
(last time through...) But, oh, those dreams we dreamed...just pleasantries...Oh, where, did I put those memories?

1. Talk of winnings, talk of defeats filled the news as soldiers filled the streets. The uniforms all looked the same until I looked inside and learned one's name. Then all my fears took second place every time I
saw my soldier's face.

2. When war is over scars are left behind. Ruined buildings, ruined streets, ruined minds. I longed for peace and all it brought, but somehow its not what I thought it'd be. Our lives turned out so differently. I can't remember all you were to me.

3. It isn't only bombs that explode.
Just a spark ignites a heavy load.
The car we drove is brown with rust. The dreams we built have fallen into dust. Sometimes I want them back again. Close my eyes and travel to back then.