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diana whiley

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melodramatic pop


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Night Closes In

Written By: Diana Whiley

Night closes in.

Too long the night closes in
Listen, my heart cries
Why did you lie?
Too long the shaking begins
Memories, fire and stone
They won’t let go

Too deep the longing moans
In velvet dark
cold stars burning
Too strong the leaping heart
beats a tattoo
blood ink sinking

( chorus)

Life and Soul
How could I know?
My heart dies
Why did you go?

Too long the night closes in
Whispers shout her name
Slow wave drowning
Too long the wishing begins
Pictures ghost a face
dark ash binding

Too deep the sorrow clings
To opened mouth
sleek taste cascading
Too strong the tender skin
meets a caress
warm hand breaking


What unnamed glance
What unspoken test
Broke the heat of our connection
Left me aching undone
My life forever caught
in distant blue

Chorus twice

© Diana Whiley 2009

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Night Closes In
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