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“A confident, flavourful groove redolent of Woodstock-era the Band and Van Morrison”. - LOS ANGELES TIMES


Quote: "A masterful integration of sounds that are more experimental in nature than you're likely to find on most records of this genre."

By Todd Beemis
This was such a satisfying album to listen to. In fact, I found myself listening to it a couple times and just plain forgot to write a review, so lost in Diana Williamson's breathy-yet-brick-house-solid voice, imaginative arrangements and captivating lyrics.

"Somethin' Catchin'" is haunting, "Call My Name" is soaring and catchy, and "Call Me Crazy" is a gorgeous and honest confessional..."call me crazy, call me insane, I think I love you, I don't know your name." Ever felt that way about someone? I thought so.

Aside from Williamson's voice, Headlights features the masterful integration of sounds that are more experimental in nature than you're likely to find on most records of this genre. The throbbing and diffuse percussion on "Call Me Crazy" is one example of this.

Among the more traditional rootsy aspects of the record are the harmonies on "Forgetting to Forget."

It seems trite to call a record beautiful -- it's such a shallow and subjective word. But just take my word for it this time ... the record may be called Deer in the Headlights, but Williamson deserves to be in the spotlight and on your CD player.


"Catchy, Luscious Music"

by Mark Waterbury
Diana Williamson - Deer In the Headlights
L.A. singer/songwriter Diana Williamson brushes an organic feel over folksy, pop driven music weaved with a touch of retro stylings. Breathy ballads like “Somethin’ Catchin’” and “November in June” take you back to the Joan Baez/Joni Mitchell heydays. The title track has a sultry, quasi-electronic beat over mellow guitar passages. The lyrics are passionate and from the soul, adding the final dimension to the catchy, luscious music.
- Music Morsels

""Confident voice with an edgy rasp""

“Diana sings crossover-ready AAA in a confident voice with an edgy rasp. Arrangements effectively bridge the gap between mainstream country and modern mix radio with subtly polished professionalism.”



“The artist has a strong knack for crafting upbeat songs. As a vocalist, Williamson is no slouch, creating a somewhat breathy Joan Osborne-like tone. A voice well suited to her material.” (Voted one of the top demos of the year) - MUSIC CONNNECTION MAGAZINE


“I love Love, we are getting requests for it”. Come in and introduce it when you come to town. - Breakfast With the Beatles,WCKG


“We love your rendition of "After Midnight" and have adopted it as a theme song for our show.”
Dale R. Gowin

- Syracuse Community Radio, NY

""Tailormade for peak dance floor action""

“The Delerium remix of Awakening is tailormade for peak dance floor action”. - Billboard Magazine


Deer in the Headlights available at:
Christmas Classics record I produced (with former Temptation Ali Woodson on the single) at:
Love Song to New Orleans (produced/wrote single)



"Winner of the LA Music Awards for Triple A Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year"

“A confident, flavourful groove redolent of Woodstock-era the Band and Van Morrison”.
Richard Cromelin of the L.A. Times

After a stint living in the Rocky Mountains like her hero Thoreau, in an old miner’s log cabin with no running water and a wood stove, Diana and her cat packed their bags and went to study under 2 top Canadian poets, Eli Mandel and b.p. nicol. It was time to develop her writing more thoroughly. Then like the Canada Geese, headed South. She now performs and writes in Los Angeles with a variety of great rock and Americana musicians.

Mellow but edgy folk/rock/pop influenced by John Mayer, Tom Petty, Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Ben Harper, Zepplin, Seal, etc..

When people started asking her for her lyrics she decided to try and find some music collaborators of her own. Her first recording got her a Government grant to go into the studio with legendary wildman Bob Wiseman (of Blue Rodeo fame).

She's been writing, performing and placing her songs on other’s records as well as film and tv. She's had 2 x #3's Billboard Hot Club Chart songs "Freak Like Me" (Dave Aude remix for Mayra Veronica/Universal) & “Awakening” (Delerium) for Sasha Lazard/EMI and the single for Jimmy Rip’s solo album. (guitarist for Mick Jagger’s solo projects) as well as placements in Warner Brother’s movie Queen of the Damned, Trimark’s Return of the Universal Soldier and NBC, ABC, Disney, HBO’s tv shows, etc..